Shingeki no Kyoujin Episode 4: Paths Divided


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3 Responses

  1. raneem says:

    I also don’t get how suddenly that GIANT COLOSSAL TITAN appeared without anyone noticing! but anyway, they will be fighting it the next episode.. can’t wait to see what will happen!! and who will get eaten..! if that happens.. !

    • Kal says:

      I’m always sad when someone dies, especially this show. ; A ; It might because of * spoilers * that the Wall corps have a hard time spotting the giants, but it seems as through as there hasn’t been any innovation in regards to weaponry or defense in the last two years. They still have cannons on top of the walls as the primary defence (shown to be ineffective against moving targets), and the walls have no alarm or strengthening. :T

  2. Random guy says:

    There is nothing they can do to strengthen the wall that would stop him from putting his foot through the gate. A gate is by it’s very nature the easiest way to cross a wall.

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