RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 4: The Onmyouji and Homunculus

Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (4)

“Horses are big cowards, you know. They’re big and strong, but loud noises and shadows easily scare them.” – Manatsu


New school term in a new school, Houjou, Izumiko and the rest are ready to face another level of education in their own choice of school. After what happened with Wamiya, our lead female hopes for a better life in the new school with her new friends. I guess trouble is something inevitable especially to someone as Izumiko.


Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (5)Okay. I wanted my school to have a cafeteria like that! I mean… that just looks cool! Well, it seems that our characters are now in their next stage of education. I am sure Izumiko had properly thought about her school this time now that Wamiya is no longer trying to confuse our leading girl. Their new school is really nice. Maaannn I really want to attend a school like that as well. And Manatsu, the new guy in the picture of Izumiko’s circle of friends is rather a really refreshing guy. I came to like him and I like how his character design appeals to me so much. Meh, it’s just that the animation of this show really do remind me of Tari Tari so much. The new guy is obviously fond of horses. It’s actually really good to have characters such as these around Izumiko. I mean, she needs to be more cheerful. And that’s how these twins should play their role!

As Miyuki had wanted, he wanted to enter the same school as Izumiko. It’s not that I am surprised but I am quite happy about it. I am sure I get the feeling that Miyuki is a kind of guy who excels in anything he does – as a typical dream guy in any anime shows anyway – but I never thought that he does take studying seriously and gets bothered by someone who is better than him in whatever he does. Meh, it’s not like it’d ruin his cool and composed image but I did get shocked at that. LOL I thought he was the kind of guy who wouldn’t really care about others as long as he’s good at everything he does. (Doesn’t that sound a little showy? Haha)

Takayanagi, the top guy as Miyuki said to be, well. I sense a more showy kind of person in him. In short, he pisses me off for some odd reason. I think it was the same gut feeling I felt when I first saw Wamiya. But this doesn’t really mean I hated Wamiya or something. They just… pretty odd.

Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (7)

Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (10)Well, for girls, starting off in a new school is like starting off fresh and new. I felt that once during my first day of College as well. I wanted to change myself a little even if it is just physical but I actually reverted back to my normal ones right after I got close to some friends. LOL Bad example. But I wanted Izumiko to let her hair down and show it to the rest too. She looks really good with them down rather than braiding them into two. I guess she can take these changes slowly and start off with the glasses with a pretty weird color which is actually out of place the moment I saw her on the poster. (Why red anyway?) But it seems not everything changes when you get in another school, right? Izumiko can still feel a little bit strange after all that – and worse, it’s one of her classmate. HOW LUCKY. /sarcasmattack At least, Izumiko has someone as Manatsu in her class.

I do not trust that site; my mind kept telling me over and over again.

Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (29)Man, troubles just keep on coming and this time,so Takayanagi is one of those onmyouji. I guess his summoning abilities – or abilities in general – is much stronger than that of our main party. At least, because of the incident, Izumiko’s party extended now that they know Mayura knows a thing or two of what’s happening and is in Izumiko’s side. And to think that Mayura and Miyuki would think of the same thing about Takayanagi being the top student makes me laugh somewhere on my mind.

And so… the computer explodes! Wow that was better than what Izumiko can do by touching. And that was one sly move!!! D: Then we get to have another anime character with an eye patch but it actually suits the almost-cool character such as Mayura. XD I believe those wounds weren’t just “nothing”, you know. I mean, IT BLEEDED A LOT.

Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (35)

“Back in the middle ages, the priestess and her monk often worked as a married couple.” – Mayura

OMGEEEEE INSERT FANGIRLING MOMENT HERE It couldn’t be helped. And… ugh, another awesome twins… Now, let me curse my life for I do not have a sibling.

Red Data Girl Episode 4 - (39)

I have a feeling that I will like this girl. And isn’t their “contact” awesome? Better than phones.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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