RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 2: Black Clumps

Red Data Girl Episode 2 - (14)

“Do all those unknown people look like threats to you?” – Miyuki Sagara


Sagara, during his first days at Izumiko’s school, became really popular among both boys and girls – and probably most of the girls had come to like him – even though he was against with that plan in the first place. It is also seems that Izumiko is not the only one who hates him as well and guess what? Our heroine got a cell phone and it went to the situation that she has to meet her mother in order to settle the things between her and Sagara.


I can’t still believe how opening songs these days likes to spoil viewers very much. Sometimes, it gets on my nerves and sometimes, I don’t know. It just… bothers me all the time – may it be the positive side or the negative. XD

Red Data Girl Episode 2 - (15)I’m still intrigued as to why our female lead could only touch-and-break technologies which are computers and cell phones. I thought it was applicable to all so I was really nervous while their whole class was in that plane for their trip because I thought the plane’s devices will also be affected as much if she’s there. HAHA BUT THAT TRAIN SCENE WAS REALLY HILARIOUS. HAHAHAHA So, she has also the power to see the negative intentions of other people through colors of the aura emitted by them. That’s cool too. This is, maybe, some of the reasons why she never really went to too much crowded places since she gets really sick seeing these kinds of people. And another thing that is weird. Sagara obviously hates Izumiko and she obviously hates the guy as well. But even though they hate each other and they really do hate their fate together, it’s actually pissing me off how the two of them can be so good together and how can the two of them talk to each other normally. Well, there are times that Sagara would really act as a brat when it comes to Izumiko but not all – or most of the time. Talk about forced hate. LOL

What I like more in this episode is how it showed the good friendship that Izumiko and the other two girls who are always with her. Even though Izumiko is the kind of girl who usually hesitates on doing stuff, or is weird in a way, they are still willing to tag along with her – and even as far as stand up for her – which is something you see less in real life nowadays. XD

So we get to see some more revelations on what kind of life Izumiko has and why does her mother want to meet her in secret. During their plan to meet each other, there were already people who knew about the planned place and time. It seems there are guys out there who are after her mother and her, as well. With the reason still unknown – since I doubt it’s because of her powers that they are after her anyway – they still pursue their plan on meeting her mother but didn’t get to do it in the end. Although me, during this scene was like… “WHO ARE THE GUYS THAT ARE GOING AFTER YOU AND WHY ANYWAY?!” LOL

I guess you can consider the scenes where Izumiko and Sagara had been together to search for Izumiko’s mother’s house as one of those romantic scenes, right? I wonder why it is pissing me off though. I mean, they DO hate each other, right? Or was that a bitter-coated word? XD But I’m really more interested on Yukimasa. He’s a really cunning character. Mysterious, humored and… well… he’s more like Fye D. Flowrite from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle with a more serious face attached to his face. And he is supposed to be Sagara’s father?

Red Data Girl Episode 2 - (26)

She’s so pretty. Q_Q

Then the “Princess” appeared, using Izumiko’s body. Now our weak female lead turned out to be a vessel for the princess that Yukimasa expects. But the princes mentioned that it might be her last line of descendant – Izumiko is. Man, can this show get any more serious than it is? I’d like some little humor to pause everything out, you know. And what is this about Sagara can transfer to any school he likes? After insisting that he must go to Izumiko’s school, this happens?! D:

PS: That Wamiya guy is actually scaring me for some odd reason.

Red Data Girl Episode 2 - (4)


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. Eva says:

    I honestly don’t think that Izumiko and Miyuki hate each other. I think have their differences, but this episode really eased out the tension between them. What I really loved about this episode was that Miyuki was able to witness all of these problems that Izumiko faces that makes her a “freak” in people’s eyes. He now knows that she wasn’t lying about breaking modern technology, evil shadows/people chasing her, and most importantly he realized just how scared she was and went as far to offer to do an incantation to try and fend off the evil thing that is chasing them and help her feel safer. Also take in note that up to this point, Miyuki hasn’t been given any sort of information about Izumiko’s powers despite the fact having been assigned as Izumiko’s manservant.

    Next thing is that Yukimasa has been officially confirmed as trouble. When he says that this is well beyond their expectations, and suddenly dismisses Miyuki from the job, that just tells me he wants to be the closest one to Izumiko because he is one of those people who wants that power. RDG also makes a whole lot of sense now since it’s part of persevering a species from going extincted- which seems to be the case for this uh spirit whatever since Izumiko is supposedly going to be her last vessel.
    Another point to make is the quote (I’m guessing the princess is the Himegami or something, I don’t know what to call her yet) “I am not yet within your grasp”. I think this means “I am not yours to control yet.”

    I also have a theory: Perhaps Yurariko never actually sent that letter or cellphone but it was all a trap devised by Yukimasa.
    I wouldn’t be entirely surprised, especially how he quickly tracked them down regardless of his reasons.
    The question is, if he did plan it: Was Miyuki part of the plan?

    And finally, I am with you about Wamiya. It was no coincidence for the lighting to be casting the shadows and that eerie moment of, “I’m watching you” at the airport. There was also that raven scene in episode 1 to consider as well.

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