Oreimo 2 Episode 2: Ayase’s Life Counseling

“I think you’re a complete pervert who sexually harasses others!”
“Don’t misunderstand me, now. The only one I sexually harass…is you~”

P463 Summary

One day, Ayase calls Kyousuke out to ask for some help: Kirino’s been acting oddly distant to her lately, and Ayase suspects its related to a new eroge that Kirino’s been into lately. When Kyousuke ends up getting the chance to try “Love Touch” after borrowing it from Kirino, an irate Ayase is not amused to find that Kyousuke has fallen hopelessly addicted to it as well.


P435…They really are related, aren’t they. And here I was still entertaining the thought that Kirino was adopted somehow ^_^ That perverted laugh seems to be pretty infectious lately – Kirino uses it a lot, but wow, I never really expected Kyousuke to get THAT addicted to the game he was so sceptically staring at just hours before, acting like a lovestruck little girl for two episodes in a row now. “Love Touch” is apparently an eroge with increased interactive abilities – if picking options for your own ending wasn’t enough (it even has a yandere ending!) now you can talk to the heroine Ayaka-tan directly, even touching her in various places to get an ecchi response. She even sends you texts and gets angry if you don’t turn on your PSP on time for your date together – that’s a pretty hardcore gaming experience. The average otaku who buys this probably spouts lines like: “Who needs 3D when you have 2D?” and has a million figmas and posters in their room xD How much freedom do you even get when talking to Ayaka? There have to be automated responses or something…wait, I’m going off topic now.

P450Ayase’s the best ^_^ Seriously, Kyousuke must be some kind of masochist if he’s able to take all that verbal abuse, and throw some back of his own: “Don’t misunderstand. The only one I sexually harass…is you~” Smooth, Kyousuke. Real smooth :D Out of all Kirino’s friends, I feel that Kyousuke’s relationship is the most casual with Ayase – it’d be hilarious if Kyousuke x Ayase is the end result sometime in the future. If we avoid the incest route for now, the other main possibility is Kuroneko, who’s ambiguity leaves much to be desired at the moment. Anyway, given that Ayase knows of Kyousuke’s perverted ways, it was brave of her to ask for advice in the first place, but still far too easy to whip him into shape once she turned on her crazy yandere mode xD

Note how the heroine Kirino loved best was Ayaka, the girl who looks and sounds suspiciously similar to Ayase herself – perhaps Ayase should have been flattered at that, especially if she knew how obsessively Kirino reveres her favourite game heroines. Of course, Kyousuke lusting after Ayaka and making her say ecchi things while Ayase is sitting next to him is a different thing entirely – he probably felt that slap (and that kick, I suppose) a long time after she left. It was amusing at first, but I admit it did start getting a little creepy watching Kyousuke giggle at his PSP screen like he’s never done before. It even made Manami mad (“Kyou-chan, why are you talking to a game?”) and Manami’s the last person he wants to offend. But hey, I think it’s worth it for Ayase’s many reaction faces – from her exasperated, angry ones to her cold yandere stare, like she’s about to pull out a knife xD I can’t believe she was introduced as Kirino’s kind, gentle friend who seemed completely docile…these days she acts way more unreservedly! No prizes for guessing which route she picked in her playthrough of “Love Touch” – anything to make her best friend happy :D



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