Majestic Prince Episode 4: The Understanding

Majestic Prince Episode 4 -  (45)

“Is fighting the only option to those who doesn’t understand each other?”


Because of the shot that Tamaki’s unit got from the sudden counter from the previous episode, the rest of the Team Rabbits had shaken from their ground. But because of Izuru’s mindset to become a hero, he unconsciously came to control his unit without any problems and was able to learn more about it and at the same time, fight to save his friend. But when everyone was ready to take their retreat on this impossible mission, Izuru, this time, received a blow from the enemy while blocking the attack that targeted Kei resulting for more damage.


Wow. After that great shock from the previous episode of knowing that our main character doesn’t have a past that they could remember, we get an explanation about the MJP project and how Gurantseere Cosmopolitan Academy (I know, hard name there) had been collecting pilots ever since. It seems that chosen children that were genetically altered before their birth, at the age of 12, are being gathered in order to train them as pilots and make them get used to life in space. I am quite saddened by this process of gaining pilots. I mean, these children are genetically modified, were raised by foster parents and then erased their personal memories before they are tossed out in space to go to school and study space combat without even knowing their real origin, parents, etc. You can call it cruel, as well. For humans such as us, knowing our origin is a big deal, especially to children. We all know that this show has so many hilarious moments that we cannot ignore, but this episode tackled some serious parts than I had expected.

Majestic Prince Episode 4 -  (5)Rin (Lynn) Suzukaze, their “manager” – okay I might get beat up if she happens to hear me say that but – Team Rabbit’s current instructor was actually a survivor from a great loss during her piloting days and was mentioned in this episode that she was one of a talent when she was still a pilot. Well, looking on how well respected she is on her current position and how trusted she is, I guess you could say that she might have some awesome background behind her. Since she was the only person who had survived when her unit was destroyed, her survival instincts is said to be higher than any normal person – which is why she was assigned as an instructor to the next set of pilots. IMO, it is rather a really good choice. But to think that she also feels sorry towards the children that are being trained – it is also sad in her part. The little flashback we got this episode proves on how effective she is on her job. Not only that, we get to see some good character development where Rin is concerned and how naturally awesome she is. We get to see some cute sides of her and her childhood friend, the Head Mechanic – who turned out to be a rich heiress.

Finally, an episode where Chris’ question back from first impression can be answered. “Why Team Rabbits?” I’m not sure if this is the kind of answer he was looking for but perhaps, the great potential in TB’s teamwork can be seen from their earlier days. They did fail a lot of mock battles but that was only due to their lack of actually experience and lack of being-serious-in-situation ability. As we have noticed, TB’s members’ characteristics are very far different from one another and you may call them the weird 5 instead of the fail five. Of course, the main point of choosing this team was because of their unbelievably high survival instincts which are the main element to boost the JURIA SYSTEM at its fullest and make use of such power to defend from enemies (which we get to discuss later after a few paragraphs).

Majestic Prince Episode 4 -  (18)During their battle against the tiny little red heads, Tamaki received a lethal blow and resulted to the team’s concentration being shaken with fear – except for Izuru who wants to save his friend and to become a hero. Of course, we get to see the “Seed Effect” on Izuru’s eyes and we get to see cheesy scenes of the show especially about the “don’t worry about me, you go on ahead” scenes you usually can see in every anime and the voice of the leader waking up the rest of the team from their fear in order to fight back and be the victors that you often see in every action anime. But you see, there is this great team potential in this show that makes me want to continue watching and I will. Dude, did I just smelled some Izuru x Kei again?

Majestic Prince Episode 4 -  (21)Please let me just say how awfully stupid this Vice… whatchamaycallhim. Yes, I don’t even know his name and wouldn’t really care remembering or search for it even. At first, he came in contact with MJP and its personnel and tried to ambush a trap. Then what? Decided, on his own, to give up on one unit just for the sake of the rests’ retreat?! And after knowing that MJP had back-up pilots, he even complained?! Wait – what?! I thought Team Rabbits are the only characters who are stupid in this show (stupid for the sake of individuality) but this guy… he’s stupid as a weed! I don’t – I can’t… ugh. And he claims the right to get angry after getting a hell lot of damage from the mission that got out of hand? I feel bad for Amane since she had the duty to stick around this stupid’s ass all over space.

Thanks for Amane’s written report about what’s happening, we learned about Walgaru – their enemy. Only a few statistical information was revealed, thought but the origins of these people are yet to come through. We can conclude at the moment that Walgaru are either (A.) people from another planet or (B.) failed of dropouts from Earth that had come to live in another space area. You can also say that they can be aliens but based on the silhouette we’ve seen from the previous episode, I believe it is far from that. Since Rin said that Walgaru’s technology is even better than them (seriously? I thought the ASHMB units of MJP are the most advanced so far but then considering how their units looked like before…) they could be humans from the future. D8

Because of the few consecutive failed missions, Team Rabbit’s enthusiasm went down on a lower level than usual. Also, no matter how they see things in the brighter way, the time will come that they need to know their origin and the people who had become a part of their lives before their memories was even erased. Of course, knowing these five’s nature, they will come to pull through anything! They just need time. More time.

This episode was rather informative. The hilarious moments were totally narrowed down in only a few parts and it is good to have some serious episodes like this now and then and I really do like how this episode turned out to being informative, showed character development and other minor things that have happened. We even get to meet the pilots under Team Doberman! YAY MORE PEOPLE ON BOARD!!!

Majestic Prince Episode 4 -  (52)


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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2 Responses

  1. raneem says:

    yes, Izuru was such a Hero in this episode, but don’t forget Asagi who gets stomach ache after the battle and saying its natural…
    and Izuru saying, that Tamaki would not go on a date even if she’s back alive.. LOL

    • Linzz says:

      I am actually glad that they still manage to pull off some comedy scenes after all that happened. LOL

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