Karneval Episode 1: The Circus [First Impressions]


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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10 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    I rewatched it this afternoon. It wasn’t the blood (there were hardly any to begin with) it was the crackling bones *CRINGES* OH GOD, IT IS STILL RINGING IN MY EARS /SOBS IT WAS HORRIBLE. IT MADE ME SICK /cannot stand cracking bones *SHUDDERS* It was probably a bad idea to watch it at 6:30am the minute after I woke up… ahahahaha /fail

    Once I got past that yes, it was very good I enjoyed it a lot and you can be sure that I’ll be watching this. I really like the vibrant colors and the characters. Tsukumo is awesome <3 I'm going to step aside for blogging this one since I have a few titles I'm interested in covering for Fridays already.

    • Linzz says:

      I actually remembered that one specific episode form Robotics; Notes because of your comment. XDDD

  2. Cielo says:

    Blood? LOL, for me Karneval is more to comedy rather than action.
    I once mistook this series as yaoi because in the earlier scenes of the manga Nai looks like an (very uke-ish) adult rather than innocent young boy, though I still can’t say for sure that this series wouldn’t lead to yaoi =D

    • Eva says:

      Yeah same here. XD I heard there isn’t any yaoi, but more bromance- but you know animes, they just LOVE appealing to that audience.

  3. BNV says:

    I loved the premiere.
    I read the manga, but the anime studio really hit us hard how scary the long armed lady was when she devoured the security guard. The sound effects made me see a horror movie going on. I was thinking “Holy s**t.”
    I found Ono Daisuke’s role as hirato hilarious. When he kicked Gareki, to say to Gareki, “You should have told me that you weren’t with their group.” Ha!
    The animation and music were amazing. The character’s clothes especially Nai’s eyes– were beautiful! Regarding the music, it had a circus-esque feel. Also Miyano voicing as Yogi was God sent. I can’t wait to see Yogi-bear! * * \(‘3’)/ * *

    • Linzz says:

      Even if her arms are not THAT long, she still made my lips twitch when she first tilted her head like that. HAHA I guess it’s really good to see series gets an anime adaptation because you get to see it move and get to hear good SFX at the same time.

  4. lilgamergal says:

    gareki is like haru in a way :3 i was laughing at the beginning, ahh nai xD i didnt find the crackling bones or horrorish sound effects scary (youll be surprised at what mirai nikki, elfin lied and higurashi does to you lol) and eyes are i think the most important thing in a anime chara (since it shows their emotions mainly)i cant wait for next episode (‘specially yogi, i wanna see how he is like)

    • Linzz says:

      I’ve seen Elfen Lied and to be honest, the sound effects on that series weren’t really as effective compared to anime these days and maybe because of two reasons: 1. Elfen Lied is EXPECTED to at least have those horror-themed sound effects because of the obvious genre and 2. Elfen Lied is an old anime show which has a least effective SFX compared to anime these days.

      Since Circus is not about horror/gore/etc, getting those SFX just in the first episode was unexpected. Same goes to Robotics; Notes (if you have seen the anime, there’s this one episode that used the crackling of bones SFX too which made everyone seriously horror-ed).

      Yes on Yogi!!! D8

    • Eva says:

      I’m one of those people who has absolute no tolerance for horror/gore/an abundance of blood/cracking+snapping bones SFX. It would plague my mind all day and night varying from three days to a month. Even gory mangas scare the life out of me. OTL||||

      But yeah as Linzz pointed out: I knew this wasn’t a horror/gore story, I read a bit of the manga- so the SFX caught me off guard, big time.

      TTwTT;;;; Shame really that I can’t handle these things because usually the gorey/bloody/horror titles are really good shows and I’m missing out on them /sobs

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