Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 2: SUPER SAIYAN MODE!

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He feels that he doesn’t deserve to be in love since he turned into a monster. Haruto who are you kidding, you are crying- that is proof that you still have emotions and humanity in you.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 2 Img 0002My goodness, the episode just kicked off with such a high tensions- like holy shit I wasn’t expecting the twist of Haruto having taking possession of L-Elf’s body and then shot A-Drei in the eye! Just holy shit- I was screaming at that point because the intensity was off the charts.  LOVE IT! LOVE IT LOVE IT! I  ALREADY LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, THANK GOD IT’S GOING TO HAVE TWO SEASONS BECAUSE 12 EPISODES WOULDN’T SATISFY ANY OF US AT ALL. Then we have to wait till the Fall…/sobs It’s like waiting for Fate/Zero all over again. Oh dear I strayed off topic a bit. Back to the whole body possession thing: So what happens when Haruto bites someone, he takes possession of their body and the owner has no recollection of what has happened. As Saki says, despite under possessions it is the same as memory loss. Even if you forget who you are, you still remember the basic everyday things you do. In this case, fighting is an everyday thing for L-Elf, which is why Haruto was able to shoot so well. This was actually quite convenient, especially given the situation when Haruto and his friends have no military experience and Dorssian has conquered JIOR leaving them one of the few escapees. It was thanks to L-Elf’s body that Haruto was able to easily get into the military base, however the price of having done that is that he ruthlessly killed the soldiers on watch-  fueled by his desire for vengeance. In fact, was it just me or was was really hard to watch Haruto act like this? You can literally see him turning into a monster. I don’t know whether he would have acted the same way if he were in his own body- but sadly I don’t think it would have changed anything.

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Can we all appreciate just how BADASS Haruto’s group of friends are? Inuzuka Kyuuma was piloting a motherfucking helicopter, SAKI JUMPED FROM IT ONTO THE VALVRAVE (FOUR FOR YOU GIRL!) and planned ahead to tie up L-Elf in case he were to regain consciousness (she tied him up pretty damn good too- but since he’s part of the special force, it’s no surprise for him to get out of it). God I love the cast. I am just so THRILLED to see that Shouko was alive. I was so devastated last week because I really liked this girl. God- she and the driver were REALLY LUCKY. Damn that car must be blessed or have some special force field to survive that blast (even having been buried under).

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I am not really sure what’s going to happen to L-Elf now since he has been deemed as a “traitor” since Haruto had shot his comrades while in possession of his body. We have been frequently shown L-Elf in his Dorssians attire in the OP/ED, might be hinting that he will somehow be accepted back into their team (it is unlikely- but I wouldn’t mind that). Perhaps the vital information of what he has just witnessed when VALVRAVE reached 666/666 and went Super Saiyan on everyone will be the “team redemption key”. L-Elf ended up helping Haruto out because not only he doesn’t want to get killed, but this is also a perfect opportunity to obtain vital information just by observing Haruto (who is an amateur). He told him that if the number were to reach 666 is creates a possibility. However when it reaches 100/666, it shuts down due to overheat. The Heat capacity was shown to have two different modes (I guess, not sure how else to describe it): the first one is out one hundred, the second (that kicks in after it exceeds the first mode) is out of six hundred and sixty-six. Once VALVRAVE stats reach 666/666, it goes into Super Saiyan mode. 666 is no number to ignore so I actually went out of my way to do research on this and I found two interesting things:

“Therion is a beast found in a mystical system of Thelema”. The whole Thelema beast factor is actually very interesting if you decide to apply it to what we have seen happen over the past two episodes. There are two things things that caught my attention during my readings:

“Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest the Beast; and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given.”

“The Number of the Beast is 666. The number is of prominent significance in the Magickal system of Thelema. It is the sum of the numbers inside the magic squareof the Sun.” – Wikipedia

If you were to apply the Sun to VALVRAVE going all Super Saiyan today (beaming like the Sun itself), and take in consideration the red (scarlet) light that VALRAVE leaves a trail on while fighting, the light could applied to, “and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given” (not to mention the blonde female mascot) it fits the characteristics pretty darn well. Now I am well aware that Therion may probably have nothing to do with VALVRAVE- I am simply just throwing this out there. SPECULATIONS FTW.
The second possible connection could be with the Bible: The number 666 otherwise famously known to represent Lucifer, Satan or the Red Dragon. Considering Haruto had to reign as a Human, perhaps that could be applied as well. I also read somwhere that it is the symbol of a divinize state- again, can potentially be connected to going all golden and having a major power boost followed by the harakiri which unleashed an incredible amount of power that delivered sufficient damage to A-Drei’s unit.

Now that ARUS (Dorssian’s greatest and most formidable foe) has shown up, the Dorssians army is forced to retreat. I’m not too sure what’s going on in JIOR since the fact Haruto reunited with Shouko means they are back. I suppose ARUS took care of things and drove Dorssian out- but I’m not entire sure since JIOR had surrendered unconditionally.

PS: Oh yeah and I found it really hilarious how Haruto completely ignores the fact that L-Elf is pointing a gun at him and he is talking with Shouko on the phone (heck I’m surprised they even still have reception).

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7 Responses

  1. Linzz says:

    I smell love triangle over there. LOL

    PS: Kyuuma’s piloting skills = win. Pure win.

    • Wanderer_YS says:

      Agreed. Shouko now has a rival. I guess it is somewhat suggested by the OP too.

      I doubt L-Elf is gonna get back to his country soon, because, if you haven’t noticed, the OP showed only 4 enemy Ideals. Also, there were 4 other Valvrave units in the OP (unit 3 to 6, and unit 2 is missing, this info is obtained from the mecha section of the official site) which hints that the enemies may end up having Valvraves too. Asies from L-Elf, there are 4 other enemy teenagers, and seeing how L-Elf is rather separated from the others in OP/ED, I doubt he’s going to get much support from his own kin since they thought he betrayed them.

      • Eva says:

        Yeah, it would almost be a miracle if L-Elf was accepted back into his group. I don’t mind him not being able to because that opens up to more fun stuff- bonding with the alliance. XD

        //Also, there were 4 other Valvrave units in the OP (unit 3 to 6, and unit 2 is missing, this info is obtained from the mecha section of the official site) which hints that the enemies may end up having Valvraves too. //

        There is a speculation that perhaps VALVRAVE will have multiple forms since we see it’s skeleton and the armor pieces put aside. I would like to see the enemies have their own VALVRAVE units because LOL theirs is ugly as hell. XDDDD

    • Eva says:

      Oh yes there is definitely a love triangle brewing. Considering that Saki does have the ability to slip out of her “shy shell” as we seen her in episode 1. My shipping senses are tingling that there will be a Saki x L-Elf ship that will arrive at the shipyard soon. I am not going to lie, I am actually hoping for it. XDDD

  2. raneem says:

    Interesting episode ~ but still can’t get what happened.. how come Haruto alive and not wounded ?!
    and also i like L-elf ..

    • Eva says:

      Haruto had been injected by something when he accepted the terms and agreements to activate VALVRAVE. This has made him immortal and has super regenerative/healing abilities. We will surely find out what was in the injection in the future.

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