Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 76: Start of the Chimera Arc

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 76 -  (27)

“Ging said that good hunters are well-liked by animals.” – Kite


Continuing from the previous episode, Gon and Killua tried to track Gon’s father using the Accompany Card that they have gotten from the game and headed towards someone who’s named as “Nigg” – whom they suspected as Gon’s father. But what await them are ants that are ready to attack them – Chimera Ants. Thankfully, Kite was there to save them – Ging’s student.


I’m pretty excited about this remake of HxH ever since the news about the Chimera Arc was released. I’m really hyped up now. And oh, gaawwwddd that new opening sequence – makes me cry tears of happiness. I wonder when they will be able to change the opening song. This is the first anime I had ever watched that used the same song for over 70 episodes (or I am just missing the others).

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 76 -  (14)Well, at first, I was wondering during the first episode of this remake where the man (Kite) was whom Gon met before on Whale Island before he took the hunter’s exam. I’m not sure if what they had done by omitting that from the first episode was good but for me, it was rather a really wise choice since 1. He doesn’t have to be forgotten after the long run with the three arcs and 2. Makes the series more organized by telling the story. It would actually be weird for Kite to appear in the first episode but would never show up during the remaining 74 episodes until he makes his next appearance on this current episode. I guess my question was answered after 76 episodes of this remake. Although Kite might have appeared to have this weird character designs – as I mentioned before, HxH’s minor or extra characters have these not-so-good character designs. We could say that Kite is another one of those people Ging had set up for his son in order to help him know about the hunter’s world step by step. Like the others that had in contact with Ging, Kite also acquired a lot while being with the man.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 76 -  (26)We got another flashback concerning Ging and his adventures years ago. Although I am not a fan of flashbacks and all those other fillers I am quite interested on knowing Ging’s background – especially the reason why he didn’t made any contact with his son for all of Gon’s life and just used other people he had met to train him. Man, Kite sure knows how to deliver hilarious scenes while looking very serious at the same time. Ging was a really cute character when he was young. But too bad his face became derpy when he aged. And he surely loves being chased all over the world. I mean, not only Gon would be chasing out for him but also Kite who has been his student. Well, unlike Gon and Killua, Kite’s situation was different: he trained with Ging’s supervision and later took the hunter exam and passed. And Kite, dude, how well your mind is – I mean, Ging is like an equivalent entity of the author, Yoshihiro Togashi, itself – being the mastermind of all the happenings in the series; too bad for Gon since his father is more wise than he had expected and a handful to catch.

I’m wondering now, in a serious manner, why Ging is willing to meet with Gon if he’s gonna go alone but will not if he bring friends with him. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if Ging knew that Gon will bring someone with him? His son is already making friends (not to mention that he’s an assassin) and it’s not like Gon is a person who’d meet his father with more than ten people on board. Although I also wonder if Ging planned to train Gon inside Greed Island – was he also planning to train his friends or whoever tags along with him? For example, Killua. And to think how Gon loves his father even if he hadn’t really seen him except in pictures. He keeps on asking about ging from every person he meets who had in contact with his father from the past. I see it really cute and touching at the same time. Normal people would have already grudged their parents if ever they were left alone and give his/her friends a good beating by letting those meet strangers. LOL

Also, in this episode, we learned two important things aside from Ging being a guy who loves to be chased: 1. Chimera Ants and 2. Star Ranks for Hunters. The chimera ants were… well, basically they are ants in original but were tested using some yet-unknown technique that turned them into chimera. Chimera also feeds on living creatures – humans are no exception – and these creatures are the things that Kite is currently hunting down (while fishing). I guess the one being shown on this episode, the giant ant, is their leader and I sense big trouble. She can speak too (I would refer to it as she since her voice sounds like lady-like). The Queen Ant – as she calls herself anyway – has the duty to fulfill and that is to give birth to a King.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 76 -  (34)

Its size is already trouble enough.

The Star Ranking System on Hunters is believed to be awarded to those hunters who have exceptional talents and those who had made a lot of credentials being a hunter by name. Ging was said to be a Triple Star Hunter – which is awarded to those who have historical or global achievements.  It’s only three though and how hard can it be? Well, there are only less than ten of them who have the same rank as Ging so it shouldn’t be that hard. Yes, sarcasm. And I know what you’re thinking of, Killua. Isn’t Gon’s father is as interesting as Gon is? I believe so.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 76 -  (33)

Good one, Gon.

PS: The ending theme is soooo cute. D8

PSS: Kite’s so sexy when he poses. lol


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. Xojjox says:

    I don’t care about the songs.. I’m dying to watch the continuation that I’ve been waiting for so many years..

  2. brianwuzhere says:

    One Piece’s current OP has been going strong for 75 episodes and counting, unless they actually change it next week. Anyways, glad they finally changed the ED, cause that WAHOOOOO thing always managed to ruin the mood for me lol.

  3. MCAL says:

    So, how does it feel watching one of those rare moments of anime history?

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