Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 74: Healing the Opponents

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 74 -  (33)

“Anyway, you can take all the cards… on one condition: you must be the first players to beat the game.” – Goreinu


Gon and Genthru’s fight continues and as expected, it seems that Genthru’s been playing with Gon when he finally decided to go on all out. But even so, Gon manage to go against him in par, as far as the fight goes and he even defied their party’s planned trap resulting for damaging his both arms!

But that didn’t stop Gon in pursuing Genthru’s loss. In the end, Gon finally decided to use the trap that was set up especially for the bomber guy.


MY TEARS ARE JUST FALLING NATURALLY KNOWING THAT if ever this re-make would only go as far as the Greed Island Arc, then this series is going to end so soon!!! OMGEEEDDD!!! D8 Well, it’s fine as long as I have enjoyed the new run. Although I do not like how the animation quality dropped after 50 episodes. XD But I guess knowing how hard animation is and for a studio that produces other series as well, I couldn’t really complain more. Plus, HxH 2011’s animation quality from the start is really surprisingly my type and I like it.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 74 -  (9)

PS: Genthru looks so handsome in this screencap. XD

We get to see Gon and in his… well, stupid-yet-effective fighting sense. He does have some pride and in him, he also has this time-to-experiment-first kind of thinking so I wasn’t really against it from the beginning and – of course – I enjoyed more fighting! (This doesn’t change the fact that my most favorite fighting scene was from the Arena Arc with Gon and Hisoka exchanging blows. Pure win.) Genthru, was seriously pissed. Haha I don’t know why I am enjoying that sight though and I am not really that of a sadist either. I am pretty much reminded of the ninja guy from the Exam Arc that battled against Gon that he didn’t want to give up. LOL Gon seriously is a lethal weapon if he was raised as an assassin. XD Well, Killua is too if ever he hadn’t met Gon at all.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 74 -  (insert)

*insert YOU DON”T SAY face here.*

Gon and Genthru’s battle ended when Gon finally used the trap after he had done damage to both his hands and his throat. Gon’s defense this time is pretty accurate. One small wrong move there and he might have damaged his throat purely which can result to someone’s death. And man, Genthru sure is fast when escaping that huge rock and that punch from Gon to create the land to crumble was really powerful with that kind of injury. This resulted to Genthru’s loss and for Team Gon’s victory. Now, all that left is to get the cards they needed from Genthru and heal all people that were injured. HEY WAIT! — ??? Heal ALL people that were injured?! Well, the good would always think of the positive things, anyway. It seems that our trio decided to heal the wounded after the battle is over and after they have gotten the things they needed. Goreinu was against about it but after hearing their reason which didn’t really had any reason in the first place, he agreed to the plan. Killua’s explanation was rather cute. XD Still, how cool would the world be if we have Breath of Archangel with us, eh? XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 74 -  (27)

This card is so pretty. *A* Reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura which has cards that are so pretty in their original form. Q_Q

After everyone was healed, another surprise went into the scene: Goreinu told the rest of the team Tsez’ plan on giving all of the cards to them and they will be sharing the four billion that was given to Goreinu – which makes it 1 billion to each of the member of the party (I wonder how this will turn out since Battera had canceled the deal. Bisky seems to happy as well.). Goreinu was pretty willing to give all of the cards to them, leaving one condition behind and the obvious one at that. Now that Gon and the others have collected 99 restricted cards, there’s a surprise event for everyone – a 100-item quiz for everyone in Greed Island to answer! The players who answers most of the questions correctly will obtain the #0 card, Ruler’s Blessing, which is the only card needed by team Gon in order to beat the game. LOL If everyone finds out that Gon has all the cards needed; wouldn’t that make Gon to be the target of everyone?! D8 Well that is the only possible thing to happen next! XD



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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