Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71: The Patch of Shore

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71 -  (11)

“He’s a monster. Ging, you should be happy. This kid is definitely your son.” – Razor


Continuing from the previous episode during the dodge ball game, Tsez’ party is now only left with three people while Razor’s side has three left as well. With the ball on Razor’s side, everyone expects and good and powerful throw at him but Gon, Killua and Hisoka had discussed their possible counter to it. Not to avoid, or to reflect but to catch it using all three of them together. *insert threesome yaoi moment here* KIDDING!


I wanted to do a dual episode review with both episodes 71 and 72 but then the review with only episode 71 became too long and so it will only be one episode. LOL

And so, the trio from Tsez’ party tried combining themselves (not literally) – for Gon to catch the ball, Hisoka to smoother it and for Killua to provide support for both of them and to make themselves in place – in order to counter Razor’s powerful spike. Although it may do sound weird and one may see it weird (especially their positions) it’s still effective and is the only way to stop the ball and catch it (please, ignore my yaoi-related posts about this lul). Razor is also impressed by the idea and not only that; he was also impressed by how good the three of them to perfectly initiate the catch without even receiving any fatal damage like the ones that his throws had given the others before. But this doesn’t erase the fact that Razor is still stronger than them. Still, the thought that I imagine Gon in saiyan mode is still too funny.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71 -  (3)

You know what I mean…

And to that, the surprise was Gon’s next punch. From before, Gon’s Ken was colored white and the body part of him that sparks yellow was his fist only but in this attack, his whole body sparked yellow instead on Ken (white). This made everyone in the room shocked. I was too – he became super saiyan with still black hair. When Razor thought Gon had used his full strength on his last attack from the previous episode, he was wrong and I was as well. He can even do another one, even more powerful than the previous one which Razor had trouble receiving that cost him their team’s back. Also, Razor is full of praise for Gon. Not only he’s strong, he can sense Ging’s spirit in him that only proves that he is, indeed, Ging’s son. I am quite happy about this since Ging didn’t raise Gon and was just secretly watching over him from afar (and I have no idea how he could do it) and yet, Gon grew up to be the person Ging had always expected him to be and was almost like Ging and that everyone whom Gon meets doesn’t really doubt the fact that Ging is his father. Remember? At the very first trial for being a hunter? That captain didn’t even question Gon right after he said that he was Ging’s son. It must have been obvious just by looking at him and knowing his will to fight and win no matter the consequences.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71 -  (20)

Damn this guy. He is so awesome in this episode that I want to cuddle him.

Not only Gon was glowing while he was charging his Ken, when he launched his attack, all of the lights disappeared but then sparked again when he forwards his fist. I’m not sure if this is the effect of his power in full or just an animation flaw but either way, it created a really good effect. After knowing that the throw is powerful than the last one, Razor still tried to catch it. He reflected the ball with all his might and went into Gon who wants to win by attacking and not by dodging – which made him really look like Ging, IMO. Lucky for him that he lost consciousness when he was about to get hit and he was able to dodge the ball by falling into the ground but then Hisoka manage to get the ball back into play with his bungee gum and gave the ball back to Razor – who was willing and ready to receive it. Sadly, to him, Hisoka’s bungee gum has more features than it may seem which a feature that almost ever gum has is and this what made Razor took the ball as it carried him outside the court making Tsez’ win for the dodge ball game. Okay, Hisoka is just a pure win at this! I never knew that he was the type of guy who would actually understands another person or is this just one of Hisoka’s obsession with Gon that he had to follow what Gon is actually thinking.

After the match, as what Razor promised to Gon from before the dodge ball game started, he’d tell him something about his father and so he did. I expected some in-depth story but only was given the same vogue information which I already knew. OTL As before and everyone might already know, it was Ging that made Razor into a Game Master for Greed Island and the one that actually saved him from being out of him. And for one who knows Ging and his own crazy ideas, he must be one of those people who would know right away that Gon is Ging’s actually son. Even though Gon expects to find some information about Ging’s whereabouts, he failed since Razor also didn’t know any information about Ging as well as of now. But that didn’t matter. This still didn’t change the fact that Gon still plans on beating this game as what his father suggested in the first place.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71 -  (28)

“Ging taught me it took only one person, one person in the entire world that will trust you, to save you.” – Razor

Yes, Ging and Gon do have similarities in this side and this is what happened between Gon and Killua as well. These only shows that even death row convicts can also trust another person once again when they are still alive and… well, of course, have fun playing a game for hunters! Not only he was saved by Ging, he was given another chance to enjoy life in a different way but I guess his killer side is still not changing with killing Bobobo before. LOL Well, he was a convict too anyway.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71 -  (29)

Ging…. Gingggg Q____Q /sobs

And with everything else in place, they were able to finish the quest to get their hands to the Patch of Shore card which is another rare card. Also Hisoka, now that his role for the quest is done and he was able to enjoy himself in the process decided to leave them and continue with his own quest, leaving the idea to Killua that he does definitely knows everything about the game and he did come here for another reason. Well, what do you expect from our dear Hisoka, anyway?

“There are liars who only lie when there’s a reason to, and there are liars who also lie without a reason.” – Bisky

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 71 -  (40)This is so true and I don’t think Hisoka would actually lie just because he doesn’t have a reason. His reason was just in front of him that he didn’t need any other. XD That’s how Hisoka is. And when everyone was ready to celebrate about gaining the rare card, Tsez was contacted by Genthru who knew that they have acquired the Patch of Shore and demands a trade with them. Because of this, Tsez made a deal with Gon. Tsez’ party will give Gon’s the time they need to come up with a plan and heal off Killua’s hands while they try to drag Genthru’s party in finding out that the real Patch of Shore is with Gon’s. This and in exchange was the Lucky Alexandrite. Both parties agreed on the deal and started their way into another chase concerning The Bomber.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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