Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 69 + 70: Dodge Ball

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 69 -  (23)

“I was instructed not to go easy on you by your old man.” – Razor


With Hisoka in the team and other extras that Gon and the others brought with them to face Razor and his sporty men, another set of 15 players once again challenge the quest for the Patch of Shore. And the final sport to have is Dodge Ball – a normal dodge ball where you are free to use Nen as long as you don’t defy the laws of the game.

Knowing how strong Razor is compared to them and how he can still go against them alone in another court with his full potential, Gon was forced into another level of powering up, making use of hish Janken technique.

Episode 69

Episode 70


Hisoka. Back. He. Is. YAY. You know, this is one specific reasons why I so love Greed Island Arc. You get to see your favorite character team up with the other two kids. I know. Hisoka x Gon x Killua, it is. A threesome – wait, what?! Okay, time for the impression.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 69 -  (4)

Tsez’ face is precious. XD

So it seems challenging Razor with a different party is the only key to win the Patch of Shore. Gon’s party, consisting Killua, Bisky, Hisoka, Goreinu, Tsez and his three other people is still far from 15 and so they all decided to get themselves six more players for stand-ins (which is somewhat realllyyy risky). And I’d really like to mention that I really love Tsez’ face when Gon and Killua wanted to see his Ren and then was able to pull off the same Ren only with a higher level. Damn these kids. After all, those efforts of Bisky will be for nothing if they couldn’t be able to do something like that. Just imagine their hardships went into nothing. LOL And while they are trying to focus on their mission for the Patch of Shore, Genthru’s party has taken 97 cards and only needed two more to beat the game (because the last card will be something that will appear after gaining 99). And Lucky on Gon’s side that Lucky Alexandrite is with them and while Patch of Shore is hard to gain without gaining 15 good members for the quest. This only means something: Tsez’ party must get the copy of Patch of Shore no matter what in order to manipulate both the cards that Genthru needs.

The initial sports issued by Razor’s group was nothing for Tsez’ party and to my surprise, all of them are quite the sporty type or is this with the help of their Nen as well? Either way, they were doing pretty well throughout the challenges. And Razor even commented on how well everything is now for the three chibis, Gon, Killua and Bisky, compared to their team from their initial try; praised them for getting six more people who can surpass his initial trials for the quest. With that, Razor even decided to toss the others’ matches just to skip everything else and go to the last sport that they will be playing – the Dodge Ball. But one of Razor’s men was actually pretty against to the decision resulting to his end – and I mean life. It was also then that Gon finally realized that Greed Island is taking place in an island that exists in the real world and everything around them is real.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 69 -  (19)


The Dodge Ball game must have an 8 on 8 players giving Tsez’ party the disadvantage with needing the help of two more stand ins since the others had already won their games and are not counted on the dodge ball. With psychological state after having one of Razor’s men killed in front of them, the six stand-ins decided to quit the quest leaving Goreinu to use his Nen in creating two more in order to fill the missing people in and with Razor, he used his Nen in creating his other seven members, totaling 8 to play. While they were at it, it was also revealed that the other pirates are death row criminals outside Greed Island and Razor is included. IMO, they should be happy for instead of rotting in a prison, they are able to play sports inside a game. And the one who actually send them there was none other than one of Greed Island’s creator, Ging – Gon’s father.

It is seems that Razor is someone not to take so lightly and thus making Tsez’ party to lose three players after Gon receive a ball from Razor. But Gon’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain. It was one way to learn that they can go against Razor using Nen as well but this doesn’t change the fact that Razor is still stronger than them and it only proved more on episode 70. Gon with head injured when he tried to catch Razor’s throw, was bandaged up on the head. Now he looks just like Ging when he was small. Now I’m excited to see the father and son reunite after so many years. Goreinu tried using his swapping technique but it was in vain since Razor was still in the game after his pets tried catching the ball that hit him and he was out after the ball hit his face – and the same with his Nen beasts, leaving only three people left inside the court on Tsez’ side and three people in the court in Razor’s side with both “Backs” still unused.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 70 -  (14)

Because Gon is like Ging now.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 70 -  (16)

No, Madhouse. Gon’s musclesss noooooooooooooouuuuuu

Another one of Razor’s trolling throw put Bisky out of court by a ball that touched her clothes and having Hisoka injured by receiving a throw from one of Razor’s men. These made Gon use their party’s back ability while Razor’s is still unused. Hisoka and Killua both suggested that they can still receive minimal damage if they are able to avoid Razor’s throw and let the ball travel outside the court first before catching it but Gon didn’t accept it knowing how the previous throw could have killed Killua if he had dodged the ball on the other side. Sure, avoiding Razor’s throw could be less lethal but one wrong move on the dodging might kill you. It’s still a 50-50 risk and thus, Gon decided to go against Razor head on since they will be risking the same thing. With Gon fired up and angry about what happened, he finally decided to use his Janken Technique which one of Razor’s men had trouble receiving. Not only that, the throw also silently injured Killua in the process. Phew, I still wonder how the hell the ball still got itself in normal shape after all those passing and throwing. XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 70 -  (31)

The second Janken throw had Razor out of the court which, this time, he used his team’s back ability. Well, no one could have used back in this case if it was not him after all. Before the next throw is able to launch, Tsez asked for a time out to ask Killua about his hands. But Gon still insisted it’ll be Killua and no one else. Man, is this another one of Gon’s sudden confessions? XD It may seem so and seriously, Gon’s plans are always the craziest. You should have been used to it by now, Killua. XD And… OMG HISOKA THAT REACTION, YOU PERVY. HAHAHA

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 70 -  (34)


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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