Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4


My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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3 Responses

  1. raneem says:

    so isn’t this Lucifer in Maou’s side? or what? did he betrayed him? or just angry about Maou, not doing anything evil in human’s world and just talking with Emilia the hero?

    • Wanderer says:

      I’m pretty sure Lucifer is the one who called Emilia at her work, saying he was going to kill both her and Maou. As far as I can tell, he’s just evil. He’s a demony-demon being a demon, which includes trying to backstab his boss as soon as he thinks he has an advantage. He’s figured out how magic works on Earth, and he thinks that makes him god (at least in comparison to our protagonists), or something.

    • TheVicious says:

      Lucifer is like Starscream. Sure, he looks obedient enough. Waiting, scheming, concocting the perfect opportunity to seize power…

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