Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4

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“Why are you so kind to me? To these people? To this the world?”


Today’s episode focused more on the seriousness, which I liked because the plot is really kicking into gear now that we know who’s targeting them. I loved that this episode was information packed, giving us bits of explanations about why certain things had happened along with the best unexpected treat of all: Learning about Emilia’s past and who… or rather, what she is.

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Emilia’s father was a human farmer who tried his best to protect and raise her properly until she was to be retrieved by the Church and their Priests (probably because they were taking the word very seriously about the direction Lucifer heading and knew that the village Emilia lived in was the next target.). The reason why they came to retrieve her is because she possesses archangels powers since her mother was an Angel- which was/is needed to defeat the Satan Lord. However that was the last time she ever got to see her father since a few days later General Lucifer and his army attacked their village.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 4 Img 0021So because Emilia knows that her father’s and many innocent people’s deaths were by the hands of the Satan Lord’s and his army, she finds herself very confused about Maou’s actions. He not only had saved Chido, but everyone within that underground mall and prevented what could have been a fatal tragic accident. So what does that make him? Why is he so kind? And she questions Maou all of this and breaks down in front of him (which probably surprised both us and herself to see her show reveal  her vulnerable side).

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 4 Img 0023Speaking of Maou, I am very eager to learn about his backstory on the war/conquest against the humans. He definitely has a lot to say, which leads me to wondering about the type of relationship Maou and Lucifer has. Maou did feel guilty, and responsible about being connected to Emilia’s father’s death, along with many other innocent human lives that were lost. I can’t help but wonder if he feels responsible because he wasn’t able to control Lucifer, who showed us today that he will do whatever he likes, and desires to surpass Maou. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Lucifer was the one to pull the strings behind the conquest and the war. We weren’t able to hear Maou’s explanation any further than an apology because Chido had interupted them. Perhaps we will learn more next week since Maou was able to confirm his suspicions of Lucifer being behind it.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 4 Img 0031With a fight against Lucifer underway, I am sure it is bound to be delayed since Emilia’s companions are just moments away from completing their travel through the gates so that should be fun. However it all comes down to whether they can use their magic or not. Lucifer was able to gain power because he feeds off of envy and despair- which Chido was experiencing after having misunderstood what was going on between Maou and Emilia. Either way I am curious to see how this alliance will be formed between the two sides when the other two arrive.

The biggest surprise (-then again, not entirely because the landlady was quite mysterious…) was that the landlady knew EXACTLY what situation the trio were in. She was the one to warn Maou about the fact that he needs to take responsibility of protecting Chido since she has been involuntarily dragged into this mess, and that she (the landlady) also possesses the knowledge of the Sonar and the Idea Link. I wonder if she has any powers of her own? Anyhow I am definitely interested in learning more about her.

Oh yeah, one last thing: The landlady mentioned that she plans on refurbishing the apartment. It was kind of vague, but I wonder if this means that Maou and Alsiel will have to move out. If that’s the case, we certainly know who’s place they will be crashing at!



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3 Responses

  1. raneem says:

    so isn’t this Lucifer in Maou’s side? or what? did he betrayed him? or just angry about Maou, not doing anything evil in human’s world and just talking with Emilia the hero?

    • Wanderer says:

      I’m pretty sure Lucifer is the one who called Emilia at her work, saying he was going to kill both her and Maou. As far as I can tell, he’s just evil. He’s a demony-demon being a demon, which includes trying to backstab his boss as soon as he thinks he has an advantage. He’s figured out how magic works on Earth, and he thinks that makes him god (at least in comparison to our protagonists), or something.

    • TheVicious says:

      Lucifer is like Starscream. Sure, he looks obedient enough. Waiting, scheming, concocting the perfect opportunity to seize power…

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