Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 2: The Warning

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“Look, I don’t know what your boyfriend did, but you can’t just whip out a blade at him.”



Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 2 Img 0044Maou’s co-worker Chiho had told him about an earthquake that really left an impact in her area, big enough to leave a mess. I’m guessing that these earthquakes are most likely triggered by Emilia’s companions such as the Head Priest (probably being the first to arrive after her) since they were a moment too late to follow her through. OR, it could be an entirely different enemy who is targeting both Emilia and Maou- but it’s hard to say since Maou was shot at first and Emilia was really just a bystander at the scene. We’ll know for sure whether she’s a target as well (heck it could even be a misunderstanding on her companion’s part if it turns out to be them, or even a betrayal). Anyhow the earthquakes will continue, and Maou has been warned to watch out. The interesting part is that whoever is sending him this warning (besides Chiho- who we assume (most likely) right now is an ordinary human from our world) has his number.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 2 Img 0017Emilia, or rather Yusa Emi was shown that she had indeed pursued after them moments after Maou and Alsiel had entered the portal. She was originally supposed to go in together with the head priest, but he was a moment too late (or perhaps he fell behind on purpose). She lives in a far more lavished apartment but her meals aren’t that much better than Maou’s and Alsiel’s and works in customer service. I was quite surprised to see that she originally has white hair since now in this world her hair is redish-pink. (Perhaps it is also influence by magic? LOL HOLY HAIR!) I really like Emilia, she’s cute and she doesn’t act over the top. Actually this whole show has this realistic touch that prevents the gags from being stretched into something unrealistic.

I was really amused with the fact that Maou was able to identify where she got the knife and how much it cost (100yen). I really found their interaction adorable, and it only got even better seeing that they wounded up at the police station again (I wouldn’t mind seeing that running gag of going to the police station every time something like this or a magic attack happens), where Emilia straight out told the police that she intended to kill Maou but the officials brush it off as a lover’s quarrel.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 2 Img 0029Another thing I enjoyed was how Maou has been treating Emilia. How often have we seen characters go into panic when they see their enemies or intend to kill them right on the spot? Maou doesn’t do any of that. The way he handled her interpreting her demand for him to meet her after work, alone into a meal order was brilliant. And if that wasn’t good enough, we see him going out of his way to defend her from being struck by one the magic bullets that almost hit them. She instinctively covers for him as well, and boom team effort moment. To add icing on the cake Emilia ends up requesting Maou to let her stay for the night because she dropped her purse. AND HE LETS HER. GOOD GRIEF, MAOU ARE YOU REALLY THE FEARSOME SATAN LORD? YOU SEEM TO BE A SOFT GUY- then again, we tend to judge others by the titles and tales behind it, so perhaps Maou has always been a soft guy at heart, but is at the same time, undoubtedly ambitious for conquest and money.

Overall great episode. The fact that this show has actual plot driving it makes me a lot more comfortable with covering this since I know this won’t turn into a repetitive gag fest each episode. I am all on board and I cannot wait to see who’s behind the attacks.


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5 Responses

  1. Wanderer_YS says:

    100 yen hero XDDDDD.

    I read the manga version of this, but it didn’t get too far and I have no clue who’s behind all this. It’ll probably be shown in a couple of episodes, we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Wanderer says:

    …My hero-sama can’t be this cute?

  3. Summer Young says:

    Loved this episode especially Emi & Maou’s interactions, especially the 100-yen scene XD I hope there’s some explanation coming up about why Maou’s character did a 180 from Ente Isla to earth; I mean, can you imagine Satan being worried about someone (in this case, Emi), being all alone? I’d really like to see this addressed at some point. Other than that, great review, please keep them coming :D

    • Eva says:

      Thanks! :D
      Yes I can actually imagine Satan being worried about someone. XD After all it is a title and we just go with the flow of the tales we hear about him (think of it as “mortal” gossip ;D). This is why I think it’s all part of who Maou is, making his title and ambitious conquests leaving him with an ruthless/evil image.

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