Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Ep 3: Purpose of Life

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“Just what am I?”


Surprise surprise, I am still on board! I did say I was going to give this three episodes, and last week’s episode really made up for the sloppy start! This episode sealed the deal for me, so I would love to stick around to take part of the coverage if Linzz is fine with sharing.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 3 Img 0008Despite all the humor and Team Rabbit’s misfortune, I actually found this episode to be quite sad. As of today, I am now convinced, more than ever that Team Rabbits are literally scapegoats. Think about it, their name can even be metaphorical since they are literally rabbits being hunted right now. They aren’t humans, the first explanation behind it was that they claimed their memories have been erased before they attended the Academy. I think that just tells you that there weren’t any memories to begin with, and on top of that the Captain Komine could almost care less about their safety (I will elaborate further in a moment). They are nothing more than a produced experiment at this point.

The saddest part about this whole revelation of not being “ordinary humans” is that they can’t even identify what they are. Not everyone in their group have been able to find something to serve as their anchor and shape who they are. Izuru found his “direction” and dream while reading shonen mangas and wishes to be a hero like the protagonists in the series. It was these mangas and their heroic protagonists that made him into the person he is today. Kei on the otherhand doesn’t like that she have been suddenly thrown into the battlefield, and that they aren’t able to make their own choices (otherwise it would mean defying orders) nor is she able to make decisions for herself. She is sad that they are born to fight- and nothing more. So it really stung when their superior, Captain Komine told them, “If you fail to perform accordingly, it defeats the point in ever creating you“. I don’t know whether they are the first results of the experiment or whatever was done, but considering that they have been failing to meet up to the given standards, I would say they may be the prototypes.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 3 Img 0048As for the “Supply Route Surprise Attack” mission, last week I figured that the title was referring to the enemy going all out (this is what happens after you watch Valvrave the day after LOL). So I was surprised that they were the ones initiating the ambush. Of course it didn’t go according to plan since not only did Captain Komine misjudge the route by speculating without any solid confirmations that it was the Wulguru Army’s Supply Route to begin with, and instead they encountered armed reconnaissance squadrons (who look awfully like Pokemon Y’s Yveltal- OH COME ON I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT OF THAT!). The reconnaissance squadrons are extremely agile and formidable foes who uses cutting-edge units. They were easily able to penetrate Tamaki’s shield and now she is literally cornered and is about to be annihilated unless someone is able to either get her out of there or come to her aid ASAP. She probably wouldn’t be in this dangerous position if it weren’t for Captain Komine ordering her to charge at the enemy (a reckless and stupid order on his part- can I punch him please?).

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 3 Img 0041Now here’s the thing about Captain Komine. Right off the bat, even before they begin their mission he doesn’t even care about them. They are nothing more than a creation made to fight in battles. While serving under him, they are literally scapegoats. He was the one who ordered Team Rabbits to engage battle by again- assuming that the JURIA-SYSTEM works best under these circumstances.  The one who protested and insisted that they were to retreat is his adjutant, Lt. Amane who points out they they are facing a huge disadvantage (not to mention, the Head Mechanic isn’t pleased about this either- in fact, she is annoyed with the captain’s stupidity).

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 3 Img 0006Which brings me to my next point: Since episode one, we all were wondering why on earth were Team Rabbits chosen to be dispatched onto a mission despite their poor results. Well today we finally got an answer! It turns out that Team Rabbits was chosen because of their Top-Class Survival Instincts, making them ideal pilots for the AHSMB units. We were also told more in depth details about each individual member’s specialized ‘strength’. Asagi is able to process vast amount of data, Kei has highly developed auditory perception, Tamaki has an abnormally high G-tolerance, Ataru has outstanding memory in select areas and finally Izuru has excellent capacity to concentrate. Unfortunately these specialized strengths end up taking a toll on their bodies.
According to the nurse, Izumu needs to be re-examined because there is something different about his results and they can’t pin-point what. I am curious to see whether whatever is making him different will either positively or negatively impact him. I think it would be fascinating if he had another special trait/strength- but the price of that could be very high.

ONE LAST POINT I WANT TO MAKE, because I only caught it while doing the screencaps:
When Izumu decided to go and train, what he was going to train against was no other than the Wulguru’s armed reconnaissance squadrons! Coincidence? I think not! So I think because of having trained during their vacation, it will likely be Izumu to go to Tamaki’s aid.

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Overall it was a very informative episode. It pretty much filled in all the questions that really threw me off during the first episode, so thank god for that. I am definitely anxious to learn more about the Wulguru Army and their motives for their attacks. It doesn’t appear to be conquest… oh who am I kidding? It’s always conquests! Well actually it is either that or annihilating them because of their ‘experiments’. The animation did have its ups and downs again (there was actually a lighting issue at 5:30), but it wasn’t as bad as the first episode (good grief, lets hope it doesn’t ever drop down to that level again). I’m looking forward to see how they are going to get out of this messy situation. Izumu I think this might be your cue to scream, “BANKAI!”. (Actually I think I will shout that whenever Izumu gets his power-up because I am SURE It will happen in the future, hahahahaha).

PS: I believe I have found my first pairing for this show: Toshikazu x Kei.


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3 Responses

  1. raneem says:

    the fact that their memories has been erased, really make me feel so sad for them, but Izuru’s impression that he doesn’t care and want to fight to be a hero, really makes me admire him! (he’s actually the strongest of them, which doesn’t look when we first saw him)

    • Eva says:

      Yeah it’s very heartbreaking. I don’t know about the others, but Izuru at least had something to give him a direction which influences his choices. The others, as Kei said so herself, they can’t or don’t have that confidence to make decisions for themselves because they don’t look like they anything in particular that influences them to think that way or make certain choices.

  2. Linzz says:

    This episode was rather one that I didn’t expect especially that part where they didn’t have any memories before they came to the Academy. Oh, I just hate those people who suddenly just hated those five after failing the satellite mission. LOL I know that failure was a big deal but… normal fags CAN’T EVEN DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING in the first place. /shot

    PS: I am soooooo freaked out by that weird swimming pool.

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