Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 3: Monday of Upheaval – II


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8 Responses

  1. raneem says:

    No problem in making Keita die! but not that fast, we still really don’t know him…

    • Chris says:

      I know what you mean. Maybe they could have killed him off after we’d gotten to know him a bit more (maybe they could have given him two or three episodes of existence?) but there’s nothing we can about that now… poor Keita…

      • irregularQuestioner says:

        Considering that this Anime is based in the game, they couldn’t possibly kill him later on, the only way to lose Keita in the game is when he first appears, like most of the other characters… What really bothers me in the anime now is the fact that we are in the 4th episode and day 2… Unless they do a Second season or something like that, they will rush the end of the Anime and destroy the good work they did until now…

  2. Linzz says:

    I actually enjoyed this episode. Maybe of the main reason that Hibiki doesn’t have to fight all alone. I mean, he’s too much of a hero material and will definitely make me hate him if he powers up too quickly and takes all the spotlight (like Kagami does on Kuroko no Basket lol). Plus, this episode showed more teamwork and… *cough* Tsundere *cough* Keita.

    PS: Daichi is awesome.

    • Chris says:

      Hibiki knows that Byakko is powerful and he’s exploiting that, BUT, I can’t wait to see what happens when Byakko isn’t enough… meh, his soon to be countless amount of friends (unless they kill them all off after one episode) will probably help him out and the day will be saved!

      And yes, Daichi and his weak ass demons are awesome ;) he should definitely get some more screen time!

  3. valorkairi says:

    I dunno.. I got depressed that Keita died BECAUSE we won’t get to know anymore about him… even after he had appeared in the opening theme sequence and ending theme sequence… and now he’s absent from the ending theme sequence (I wonder if they’re gonna do that with the opening next episode as well). The theme sequences had me feel like Keita would’ve played more of a role as one of the handful of main characters. I got that depressing feeling of loss when I watched the ending theme sequence.

    Keita did get some character development, though, in the episode, just not enough for the rest of the viewers to notice. Keita is the “I’ll tackle the problem myself because I hunt demons” kind of kid… then later in the episode Keita started to think a little differently about working alone.. even going so far as to save Hibiki when initially Keita didn’t like the guy at all when they had first met. But all this development came too late and he will never be able to use it to his full potential.

    I have a feeling that the only true main character would be just the protagonist from what the whole of episode 3 suggested.

  4. TheVoid says:

    The Ars Goetia demon Botis has mind control powers. He’s the part snake demon that talk and teleports.

  5. striffy says:

    Dude, I know this is extremely irrelevant to the episode, but I need to know. Does the captain of the bureau or whatever (the white haired guy) have an invisible pony or does he have a really bad case of bed headedness? I’m confounded by this mystery.

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