Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 2: Monday of Upheaval – I


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3 Responses

  1. Hee7 says:

    I can’t get over how much that clock (?) looks like a giant eyeball judging mankind.

    That out of the way, I enjoyed this episode as well. The survival aspect was awesome, and it was great to get some worldbuilding on the demons/devils/akuma/youkai (etc.). Guess they’ve always existed and have been called by many names over the ages. Weird how they wildly manifest through cell phones though… unless the attack was deliberate? Did I see a hand in one screen?

    In any case, I love Commander Makoto too, which is a surprise. I’m not sure if I’m convinced by any of the main characters just yet, but the sides are terribly interesting to me. Chief Yamato and the kid scientist and the mysterious eyelash kid and… pretty much everyone in the ending sequence. I want to know more!

    • Chris says:

      Hidden symbolism… I failed to notice it, and yes, you’re totally right, that clock definitely looks like a giant eyeball…

      The hand on screen was the hand of a dead person… I think… Possible someone who joined Nicea but chose to die instead of living in the end? Just speculation, I mean, I doubt we’ll ever find out why that specific incident happened. I’m thinking that a lot of the demons only exist because a lot of people (‘)chose(‘) to die. But again, that’s just me guessing.

      And yeah! I was watching the ending and all of the characters look really interesting! I mean, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover n all, but with those specific characters you can pretty much tell what they’re going to be like. It’s etched across their face y’know?

  2. Hee7 says:

    I can’t remember if the possibly dead person was there after Makoto crushed the cell, but it would make sense that the bird-skull-things escaped from a cell from someone who decided to die! After all, Nicea is a Demon Downloading App, and there were all-of-a-sudden wolfmen after the train crashed. From someone who chose to die, unlike our three?

    Your guessing is awesome.

    SMT:P characters tend to be great at playing with visual stereotypes in order to unravel them later, so I think we can be assured that the characters will be at least a little like their covers yet holding something special inside the pages. I hope :D

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