Tamako Market Episode 12: Another Year Ends [FINAL]


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4 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    Well that was boring indeed. Even if it is a slice of life show, most SoL I’ve watched had something to their ending, some kind of drama or resolution of conflict, but here it was like- “hey, the introductory plot of this anime is completely pointless! Now lets do a complete reset because lololol”

    Tamako and the rest were all kicking up a fuss when it could/would/should have been solves in a single instance. Observe:

    Choi: “Tamako-sama is our prince’s bride!”
    Tamako: “Golly gee! But I dun wanna get married and move away from the mochi shop!!”
    Everyone else: “We understand and accept your wishes.”

    The end =/

    Siiiigh…I guess the awesome ending theme just had me expecting more out of this series. It was amazing and will live on in eternal glory through my ipod.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Yup, I mean, the whole show is just…things happen but nothing actually gets accomplished. Especially the end. Which is disappointing. Oh well, at least we got one good ending out of it!

  2. Magicflier says:

    Tamako Market made a huge blunder on it’s sales, even though it’s KyoAni. It was even worst than Nichijou’s sales this time…

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Really? That’s interesting to hear. I usually never check sales stats, but somehow it doesn’t surprise me that it’s not doing well.

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