Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 10: Hot Springs!

“Recently, I realized how great NTR stuff are!”



“I just grow a penis every now and then!”

Uh…excuse me, what? HAHAHAHAHAHA that is beyond hilarious. As the leader of Arahabaki, I’d already marked down Edogawa as the potential next antagonist, but it seems like this show isn’t beneath coming up with something completely random like this. So I guess this makes her a futanari then…unless by “grow” she means that it both appears and disappears, which I wouldn’t count out given how wacky things get sometimes. Yeah, I guess it explains why she doesn’t open up to people that much, and Sasami finding this out takes her one step closer to having Edogawa as her friend. Even if they’re on opposite sides, there are some things that go beyond trying to kill one another, and having a secret penis stands pretty firmly on the list.

Given her secret…feature, it was a pretty dumb idea to invite her entire class out to a hot springs resort, because that’s the one place her secret is most likely to be discovered. And her cover was very nearly blown too, with both a full-hentai mode Tsurugi and a confused Tama all over her. Granted, Tama being there was just because Sasami had caught a cold yet still wanted to go, but Tama as Sasami ended up being more hilarious than I’d thought – from Tama trying to make sense of the tele-divine messages Sasami was sending or suggestively shouting about “something bizarre” near her butt. Oh Tama, never change xD Also, god look at all the Kagami fanservice <3


Surprisingly the bus ride held a lot of laughs too. Aside from Tsurugi noticing instantly that Sasami was in fact Tama, there was the whole running joke over Sasami and Kagami’s relationship, which went from feeding each other in the classroom (to whispers of them being lesbians) to Sasami starting to call Kagami “onee-sama”, much to the chagrin of all those heartbroken classmates. I wouldn’t actually mind Sasami x Kagami, though I haven’t really given that much thought to proper relationships in this show. Things are far too comedic for that xD Finally, a lady teacher named Kitsunebi Youko has appeared, who I’m pretty sure is Tamamo in disguise. Knowing Tsurugi, she’s probably only pretending to be all over her so she can keep an eye on her…I think. She’s not really after her boobs, right? Right?


I love cute things.

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