Robotics; Notes Episode 21: The Confession

Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (30)

“You know, I love you.” – Kai


Kai confessed to Aki so suddenly.


I know, I know. I’m getting bad at making summaries nowadays concerning R;N and I get to post this review late because of some widened reason but hey! It’s here! Episode 21! Where romance bloom at its fullest after 21 episodes!

We do know that this series had been dragging on from its first few episodes and at the same time, shown a lot of each character’s side of the story. And I know that all of us are pretty much aware of Kai and Aki’s relationship and how do each of them cared for one another. Kai almost showed his care towards Aki in every episode – providing her support by all means he can (especially all those passionfruits). Aki, on the other hand, being how hard her character is to handle and how weird she can be at times, showed her care towards Kai in any means possible for her and for us to notice – one of which was when Kai almost fell down from that tower back at episode 8 where she was the first to rescue her prince charming. Okay, that went out wrong but you know the drill.

Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (26)So, in this episode, Kai suddenly just confessed. I shouldn’t be shocked at it since you can actually sense the romance around that scene immediately and you’d know that something cute would happen (a kiss or a hug). But the way Kai just suddenly blurted out “You know, I love you” was just… too out of place and obviously too out of tune! When I mean tune, it was a line that I least expected to be said next and at the same time, why does it have something like “you know”? He could just say “I love you”. That came out pretty monotonous for some reason or was this the seiyuu’s fault? LOL Another would be how Kai manage to follow-up that confession. Let’s see, can we review a typical 2D character confessing to the person he likes?

Guy: I think I’m in love with you.

Girl: Eh? (Seriously? Kyaaaaaaa!!!)

Guy: It’s okay. You really don’t have to answer me right now. I’d like you to think about it.

Done and guess what?

Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (27)

And he even…

Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (29)

Okay, I think you guys get it.

BTW, I ship these two. <3

Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (31)

And then once again, we go back to the main story of the episode: what is the purpose of the NIV that Kai and the party got. Basically, Airi, who doesn’t have any memories when she was still an AI, somehow knew that she has something to do. She even led Kai towards Kimijima’s basement in order to get something and that something is the something that is inserted to the NIV, for it to activate and it even has a remote control that looks like a bomb button! Wow. Somehow, this forced Kai’s seizures and worse – it was more stressful in his heart than the normal ones.

I wonder why the heart is being the one that is under stress when his Elephant Mouse Syndrome (I still think this is a weird name) activates when shouldn’t it supposed to be the brain? I mean, the brain is the one that overworks itself by processing minutes-worth of information within one second so, why the heart? Is it because his brain processes great amount of information and at the same time, works its normal duties (like processing the functions of the body organs) with the same speed that makes the heart beat’s accelerate than normal? But wasn’t the heart an involuntary organ that is no way being controlled by the brain? (thus, giving us the disorder “brain dead” because even if the brain is not functioning, your heart still does?) I’m not so sure about this but… never mind.

The climax of the episode was when Kai decided to pilot GunPro-1 when everyone had a little meeting. He was still not in a state that he’s all better which made Aki more worried but Kai’s decision didn’t falter eve knowing that his life could be in danger by using the NIV to use his cheat. Instead, he used his charms to convince Aki that this is the only way to beat SUMERAGI. Also, Kai’s character seemed to be not the calm one since Tokyo Expo, isn’t it? Maybe it’s because things are serious now. At the same time, they need to create something that would avoid the GunPro-1 to be controlled by Kimijima. Good thing they have EXOSKELETON back-ups! Sawada, I do hope that program to erase Kimijima Kou is going to be a success.


Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (11)

Lesson #1: Do not ask an AI about reason.


By the way, GOOSEBUMPS ON THAT SCENE WHERE IT FIRST APPEARED ON THE FIRST EPISODE. I dunno if I’ve felt that from before too but I just know that this scene was… precious.

Robotics Notes Episode 21 -  (18)

Lesson #2: Do not let Aki name your inventions.

PS: I cried when Subaru’s dad supported him. The feels.

PSS: And one more thing, don’t we have like… a few episodes left? /sobs

PSSS: I’m sorry if this review is out of order. OTL


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. ozonzo says:

    Die you normalfags!

    The best line from this whole episode.

  2. Wanderer says:

    And ‘just’ when Aki was talking about not setting deathflags…..

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