Mondaiji Episode 9: It Seems That the Smell of Death That Brings About Disaster is Growing Throughout the Town?


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5 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    //The problem I have is that the show does a piss-poor job of explaining all this, and that if you don’t know at least a little bit about the story of the Pied Piper, you’re probably more than a little lost. //

    Exactly my case. XDDDD

    • Tenderfoot says:

      I know right? I mean, I know a lot about fairytales, especially the Brothers Grimm ones, but even I had to look up some of the stuff. Like the stained glass? I had know idea about that. Or a lot of the lesser known theories of what happened to the missing people. I’ll forgive them if they do a good job explaining things and wrapping up the last episode, but I feel like that’s not going to happen, given how the rest of the shows been.

  2. Wanderer says:

    I admit, I’ve been lost by the explanations and everything. This episode kind of left me in the dust. I have some general knowledge of the pied piper legend, and did a little research after the last couple of episodes, but still I don’t get everything here. I understand why Pest can’t be the real legend (although I had thought that there would only be ONE real legend and ALL the others would be false…), but I did not understand what Izayoi figured out from Shiroyasha’s imprisonment. I still don’t, really.

    I’m still enjoying this series, though. It’s just plain fun to watch.

    “In addition to summoning an entire town, how can Pest give Weser divinity?”

    It’s not exactly clear what this means, but this is the second time we’ve heard this term used. Remember, in episode 2 Shiroyasha said she “gave divinity” to the water god Izayoi beat back in episode 1.

    • Eva says:

      When I was doing research on that last week, my brain wanted to explode – and I ended up procrastinating LOL.
      Yeah the series is fun to watch, but not it’s not a “MUST WATCH”. It’s more of a pick on the whim if you’re bored. XD

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Ah, good catch with the divinity thing! I didn’t remember that happening at all, but I’m glad that it’s been mentioned before. It makes it seem less like something that just conveniently happens in order to make Weser more of an opponent for Izayoi.

      I do really enjoy some aspects of the show, like the whole idea of the Little Garden and communities and such. And I really do like the characters, and how Asuka’s this rich princess type but she doesn’t need to be saved all the time and she’s not a spoiled brat. But it’s really hard for me to fully enjoy a show that even when I spend a lot of time thinking it over and researching parts of it, I still can’t understand (which I think has more to do with the writing than it does with me.) I have a feeling that a lot of the things that Mondaiji is having trouble with are more fleshed out in the light novels, and that the anime is assuming that most of the viewers have read those, which is never really a good thing. But who knows, maybe they’ll explain everything perfectly in the last episode (I doubt it, but I’d gladly be proven wrong.)

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