Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 9: “I am human.”

“The Hero will save you.”

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 Summary: As Young Merchant contacts one of Crimson Scholar’s students to put in practice another scheme of his, representatives from the church arrive to take her into custody, unaware that she is in fact Elder Sister Maid in disguise. Before a huge crowd, she is accused of heresy, chained and tortured, as Hero awaits for the opportunity to rescue her, but just when Elder Sister Maid is given the chance to speak, she tells everyone the true story of how her family was almost totally destroyed during her days of serfdom and how she was saved upon offered a chance to rise and stand as a proper human. Inspired by her words, the people turn themselves against the members of the church and Winter King and Female Knight follow soon after, offering their protection. The representatives flee after declaring that the Winter Country shall pay for their defiance. Meanwhile, an unknown figure has visions of Elder Sister Maid which somehow disturb him.

 Wow. Just wow. I really did not see this coming. The storm has finally hit and it’s stronger than I thought it would be…

 The last 2 episodes were so lackluster that I could never have foreseen this episode being any better then mediocre. I was wrong, oh so very wrong. This episode was everything I crave and everything I love. It was a beautiful episode and you won’t hear me say that very often. I’m not afraid to say that this was the best episode in the series by far and I loved it. It was inspiring, it was stunning and best of all? It gave me goosebumps. It’s been quite a while since an anime has done that.

 The little recap at the beginning of the episode proves that the shows is very quickly approaching it’s end and honestly, I’m quite sad. It’s been an adventure. The Merchant is beginning to play a bigger role in helping the Demon Queen and it’s interesting to see all the people who have met her and had their lives changed by her coming together to enact her plan, whether they’re doing it subconsciously or not. This recap reminds us that the Crimson Scholar has been deemed a heretic in the eyes of the church and that she is being hunted down. At first I was wondering why they put this in but after watching the episode I realized just how perfectly it set up the events to come. Now let’s talk about those events…

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 The Older Sister Maid puts on the ring and ‘becomes’ the Demon Queen as planned. She’s taken onto a platform and put before the Messenger. The Messenger talks and throws the Older Sister Maid in chains. And then it began…

 When they started whipping the Older Sister Maid I was about ready to jump into the screen and beat that Messengers ass into a glorified mushy pulp. I just didn’t see it coming. I’d always assumed that she’d be taken away and when the whips began tearing into her skin I cringed and despaired. Why? Why her. I know it’s for the Demon Queens sake but she has already been through so much. The Little Sister Maid broke my heart this episode with her cries for the punishment to stop. I was in agony, y’know? Why you doing this to me Maoyuu?

 The music, as always, was amazing, but it was especially so in this episode. When the Older Sister Maid stood up and began her speech I was already enthralled. I awaited what she had to say with eager eyes and ears, with pain and hope in my heart and hope that had almost dwindled and gone. Her speech began and I knew from the first few words that it would be epic.

 In all honesty I have only one gripe with this episode and it’s a cliche one. Why did the Messenger allow the ‘Crimson Scholar’ to speak? The whole ‘final words’ thing is just so cliche and the antagonist always allows it to happen!  I mean, I guess it’s actually quite understandable with a medieval based show because condemned people were usually allowed to have last words before they were sentenced to death but it all just seemed to convenient. Although let’s be honest, I’m more than glad that it happened. Thank you Messenger.

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 Whenever a politician talks nobody believes a word out of their mouth because that politician doesn’t really believe in what they’re saying. When there’s no meaning behind your words how can you expect and you don’t even believe them how can you expect others to believe them? The Older Sister Maid meant everything she was saying and that’s what made her speech so very powerful. You pitied and were inspired by her all at the same time. You didn’t- no couldn’t doubt her words because they were just so potent, they were honest and inspiring and they gave the people hope. No matter how many times shes was struck down, she rose back up and was even better (if that’s even possible). This episode didn’t have the boobs which I am so famous for complaining about and let’s be honest, it in no way needed them. This wasn’t that kind of episode and that’s why it was amazing. No cheap tricks and no frills. Just awesomeness.

 When the people regained their hope and their strength and began throwing rocks at the Messenger I felt like throwing rocks at him to! I felt myself on the verge of cheering them on as rocks struck him in the stomach and (hopefully) the face. When the Winter King stopped the execution and denounced the church (well he denounced the Messenger anyway) I felt my hear soaring to new heights and when the Crimson Scholar was named a saint it burst. All that epicness in less than 3 minutes. Maoyuu really knows how to get me going…

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 The ending felt a bit rushed and out of place but that’s okay because the rest of the episode was just so great. I’m looking forward to seeing who the blue man is, probably someone aspiring to be the Demon King? Those eyes… is he related to the Demon Queen? And what was that at the end of the episode? The blue light thing? With it the Demon Queen? Was it the Light Spirit? Why are there so many Hero’s that have come before? Did they all fail? Why did they fail? When will I have these questions answered? Hopefully in the next episode of MAOYUU MAOU YUUSHA! My faith in it has finally been restored. Thank you!


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