Magi Episode 21: The Dungeon Zagan


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2 Responses

  1. Cielo says:

    Hello, just for suggestion, I think if you’re looking for more epic of Mor, you really should read the manga =D
    Actually it kind of disappoint me when they didn’t show us one of the most epic scene on Zagan’s arc. FYI, this is the scene I’m talking about, it took place right after the group enter Zagan’s dungeon:

    Morgiana rocks!! =D

    • Tenderfoot says:

      I agree, Morgiana definitely rocks! She’s my favorite character by far. I have actually read some of the manga (up to chapter 44), and I’m planning on picking it up again once the show finishes airing. I wanted to be able to judge the anime for what it is, without constantly comparing it to the manga (especially since, from what I’ve heard, the anime makes a lot of changes that aren’t exactly great?) So while I’m pretty good at separating an adaption from the source material, it’s a lot easier for me when my knowledge of said source material is limited.

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