Magi Episode 20: The Two Princes


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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I was…pretty disappointed with this episode, as a lot of the content was just anime-original material. The entire snake bite issue shouldn’t even be occurring at this point in time, and I fear that we’re hurtling towards an original ending (Ao no Exorcist, anyone?) that will make it harder for them to continue with a second season, now that the story line’s been altered so dramatically.

    And with the snake bite, Alibaba’s personality (and his relationship with Hakuryuu) has been changed as well. In the manga it’s actually Hakuryuu who keeps stating that he should hate him and the Kou Empire, while Alibaba’s all cool with it and is willing to put the past behind him. The anime presents him as much more of a bitter character that is afraid he might let his anger out on Hakuryuu, when the Balbadd arc already charted his character development into an emotionally stronger person. Also, they made Zagan a magical dungeon that can heal anything? Really, A-1…really?

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Hearing this kinds makes me glad that I stopped reading the manga when I did. I’d probably be enjoying this show a whole lot less. I don’t need it to be a word for word adaption of the manga (since that gets boring) but when they start to mess with character’s personalities, all bets are off. Once this ends, I’ll go back and catch up on the manga so I can compare and contrast.

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