Kotoura-san Episode 9: Confrontations with a Twist

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Kotoura-san Ep 9 Img 0033*TEARS* Oh my god. I am so happy, I am SO HAPPY to see Kumiko’s mama-bear side coming out in Kotoura’s defense when Manabe was going over the top how she had accepted him and going on a perverted thought spree and give him a good smack. THANK YOU MANABE FOR BRINGING THAT OUT OF HER!
It shows that somewhere deep within her heart, underneath all that darkness- there is a part of her that still cares for Kotoura. We wouldn’t have seen that if her friends weren’t there for sure, giving her assurance that they have her back.

It is no surprise that Mifune had brought up the idea of searching for the culprit themselves after Kotoura had told them about what she saw, but I am relieved to see that she didn’t confront the investigators about Kotoura being a witness at all. I hope it stays that way, but I am sure the fact that the head investigator had noticed (most likely recognized) Mifune, was probably an acquaintance with her mother.

So here is the situation. Thankfully there are no one killed, but there have been three high school girls attacked and sent to the hospital. The latest victim is a girl from their school. The police goes around questioning students, and before long due to an outburst, rumors fly around the school that Kotoura knows who’s behind it, but it keeping quiet about it.

Kotoura-san Ep 9 Img 0014Moritani really grew on me this episode because she had been genuinely watching Kotoura’s back, from going over to her house so that she wouldn’t be alone, taking notice that Kotoura was uncomfortable by being questioned by their fellow classmates, to feeling that she needs to take upon the responsibility of cutting off the rumors from the root on own since she blames herself  for the rumors (despite the fact that she hadn’t said anything at all). However it looks like things didn’t go according to plan as she is by a crime scene now, her hands covered in blood and there’s a girl from their school with a head injury. I don’t think that Moritani had actually attacked her, although maybe she had out of self defense thinking she was being pursued or she might have witnessed the attack.

The man who Kumiko is with definitely raised my suspicions. Although say if he were the culprit, then I think Kotoura’s reaction would have been significantly different and far more dramatic. Instead perhaps, (especially since her mother was quick to notice her reaction) this guy here may be having an affair.


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