Kotoura-san Episode 10: Personal Investigation


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4 Responses

  1. MCAL says:

    I don’t think the voice means that it was male. It’s just they use a voice technique to obscure the person’s gender. It’s an effect they use in crime shows all the time.

    • Eva says:

      True enough, but given the situation I find it hard to imagine them being able to obscure it in their heads.

  2. Noc says:

    I’m pretty damn sure it’s the lady detective that’s attacking girls. “The killer is going to be at XX street, but don’t go there!!” this just screams reverse psychology to me, especially once the attacker thinks “she really came”- if she didn’t want Kotoura and co. to go there, why tell her the exact location when she knew they were determined to keep searching? And why would the attacker go after Mifune specifically when there were many other girls around at the time? Why is the detective’s mind so suspiciously neutral in Kotoura’s presence?! Not to mention that they have the same hair cut/color!!

    Or all those clues could be a giant red herring haha. I know the mental voice Kotoura heard didn’t match the detective’s, but it sounded more like it was distorted rather than plainly male, so that could mean lots of things- split personality with a male inclination, the sound of one’s voice reflects their feelings/intentions…

    On the Moritani side of things, it was hard to feel worried for her, and I’m not just saying that because of old grudges lol. The way her predicament was presented was just hard to believe. There were a lot of things that could have kept her from staying in custody as long as she did, and most of them were fairly obvious and easy to do. The biggest example that comes to mind would be calling the police instead of freaking out at the crime scene (when she had nothing at all to do with the girl being attacked, so that level of shock doesn’t feel realistic to me) until they show up on their own and misunderstand =/

    • Eva says:

      OH GOOD I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THAT!!!! I scrapped the theory aside because I felt the timing was off, but I definitely found it suspicious how she was of following them and deliberately giving them the specific location where the danger was.

      //so that could mean lots of things- split personality with a male inclination, the sound of one’s voice reflects their feelings/intentions…//

      OOOOH I LIKE THIS THEORY. That would be an interesting twist :D

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