Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 68: The Return of Sexiness

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 68 -  (31)

“I have unexpected Visitors.” – Hisoka


Gon and his other fourteen companions finally arrived at the base of the 15 pirates which they have to defeat in order to get the information about the Patch of Shore. These 15 pirates are composed of Razor and his 14 demons. What will be the mode of fighting? Sports. As what Razor wants it to be.

But since other members of the team are not really that good with their Nen, it was a one-sided match. So Killua, Gon and Bisky decided to make them loose on purpose in order to reduce damage and swap other of their members.


I should tell you how I like Razor. I wonder if it is because of those muscles or his smile but I am kind of enchanted by him. Still, I’m loyal as a fan of Hisoka but Razor gives out this really charming look rather than Hisoka who gives out this pervert look (which almost all of his fangirls love about him). And since Razor is one of the Game Masters of Greed Island, as chosen by Ging, I’m pretty much attached to the guy. I just hope that the remake would also provide us some in-depth story about him and Ging and how he was able to become the Game Master for the game. Also, how can he protect the island from outsiders if he’s busy with a quest? XD Knowing him, he might throw his clone anywhere he wants to.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 68 -  (12)

We are Razor’s Circus. You must fear us because we are fearsome.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 68 -  (18)So the three kids (I’ll be referring Bisky in this form as a kid since it makes it easier for me to write lolol) decided to make them loose on purpose for the others to remain unhurt and just for the sake of saving their energy. It was too obvious that they are going to lose even if Gon, Killua and Bisky will give it their all. They don’t even know how to track one’s Nen attack, they take too much time to load their Nen (lagging much? Haha), and they are not that physically able to even play sports! No, I’m only kidding but by the looks of it, they are pretty much newbie when you’re playing a casual game with different sports. What they did was wise and is a good plan, no doubt and plus, they also had given us a change to smile and laugh because of their funny reaction when Bisky was up for a ball dribbling contest. LOL I laughed out loud there, honest. And it seems that Razor also knew about this plan and how I love Killua when he’s teasing that fatty. XD

After that decisive attack with only information at hand when they got out of the base, the other team members decided to retreat from the mission since their objective was just to gather information about the rare card. Well, that makes it even easier to return to that base with members willing to get out of the team but the problem lies as there are only a few of them left and needed at least 11 more! XD Gorenu is also right about the brutality of the quest. The reward is only three cards of Patch of Shore wherein there are 15 members in the team – which means, there will be some internal conflict that may occur eventually to those people who wants to clear the game seriously and at any cost. So searching for other team members to avoid this is two times even harder than their original objective. That’s sad but one thing is not sad in this episode.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 68 -  (30)

Kindly choose your reaction. XD

Okay, enough caps there. Sorry, was just fangirling and WHAT THE FUU— THERE’S A CITY OF LOVE?!?! Does that mean you get to be trapped by all those sexy and beautiful girls and cool hunk guys there and never ever clear the game since you’ve decided to stay with the one you love for eternity?! That’s brutal and… well… sweet! LOL At least, they get to have Hisoka in their team anyway and even if he is lying about his reason, the fact that he can be of use to them for the Patch of Shore Quest is still unchanged. Also Killua manage to track what Hisoka’s purpose in Greed Island. I wonder if he plans to stop them from finding the Nen Exorcist as well; although Killua’s suspicion was reduced because of Hisoka’s tricks (yet again).

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 68 -  (29)

By the way, Hisoka, where is your…. uhm… well…. LOL CENSORING LEVEL: MADHOUSE. LOL


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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