Dokidoki! Precure Episode 8

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The girls bring Makoto to the creepy yellow gummy bear dude who gave them their Cure Lovies’ shop. However instead they find a large egg with hearts all over it. When Mana pokes it, it suddenly hatches and reveals a baby inside.


Dokidoki! Precure Ep 8 Img 0016The girls had brought Makoto to the creepy yellow gummy bear dude who apparently (i doubt it) goes by the name Joe Okada (I mean like, where the hell did that come from? Why does he only introduce his name now???). This guy just loves being a suspicious character doesn’t he? When Makoto had confronted him about Trump Kingdom and whether he knows where the princess was, he smoothly dodged the question by claiming every girl is a princess and left right after. It is so damn obvious that he has information that we are looking for, but it’s a matter of why he is keeping it to himself and who is he really? His purpose is obviously to round up the Precures, that is why he had given out the Cure Lovies to the girls (not to mention, he has a collection of them as well). But I am sure, there is something else backing this mission. It is no coincidence either that baby Ai’s egg was in his shop and hatched in front of Mana and the others.

Both Mana’s and Rikka’s reaction to baby Ai’s egg was hilarious. Mana was considering all the wild possiblities that it could be a dragon or alien egg. Well, in a way she got the Alien Egg part right, since baby Ai is not from this world. Rikka on the otherhand was like, “WTF IS GOING ON, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? WHY DID A BABY COME OUT OF AN EGG? OH MY GOD MANA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” It is fun to see her as the only sane one as Alice just goes with the flow and Makoto is too busy trying to conceal her excitement.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 8 Img 0026As I mentioned last week, I am quite confident that Ai is actually Princess Ange. The question is whether Ai is a reincarnation or not- or the possibility of being related to her at all. It would definitely be an interesting approach if Princess Ange had actually been killed back then, but I wouldn’t go that far since the people of Trump Kingdom were not killed when the Selfish King ambushed them with his raid and were only turned into Selfish minions.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 8 Img 0013At this point, Dabyi is definitely hands down my favorite Precure sidekick. She is memorable, funny and has a stronger presence than the other fairies due to being able to shape shift into a human. She is also very smart, and I love her relationship with Makoto. It was really cute to see her help encourage Makoto to being more open about how she feels. Throughout this episode Makoto was pretty shy about getting excited with Mana so she kept her true feelings to herself. It was really adorable how she was trying to keep her cool but baby Ai was just too precious to ignore.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 8 Img 0019One of the most hilarious turn of events was the fact that Mana either is tone death or just doesn’t know how to sing. And when she does, it is basically doomsday and she could probably scare off/wipe out the Selfish just with her horrible voice alone. I was actually expecting her to start singing to wake the girls up after the Selfish Sheep made their drowsy. But thanks to that, we were able to see them being a groggy and Makoto using Wake Up Slap. It was quite hilarious seeing them in that state. The best part of all was that when baby Ai both neutralized the Selfish’s effects and made it hit Marmo, who in return was able to benefit from it since she hadn’t been able to sleep properly due to Ira bowling all night long.

Overall this was a laid back cute episode that I surprisingly enjoyed. It is funny because usually episodes like this fail to keep my attention, but this one managed to do so. And lastly, I was relieved to see that the animation quality when up again.

Next week, Mana brings Ai to school (oh my god! Mana what are you thinking?!) and it looks like Ai is going to cause a commotion.

PS: THE SHEEPS WERE ADORABLE. Dokidoki! Precure Ep 8 Img 0031


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