AMNESIA [Overall Review]


My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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5 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    I’m going to have to agree with you on most of everything except for your note on not being able to hate any of the characters…I’m preeeetty sure I hated Shin right away and never stopped lol. Otome games/anime adaptions are interesting to compare like that, seeing how you feel about certain characters. Like you, my opinions of the characters generally went up after playing the Hakuouki game (except Hijikata, who was just as boring as in the anime) so I’ll probably give the Amnesia game a whirl if it ever gets an English release.

    Overall I really enjoyed this series…and I think it’s mostly because I ignored all the romantic interactions (except for Kent who was just adorable) and looked at it as a mystery/suspense show instead, which is what it truly is behind the misleading Otome set-up. Like you said, the romance is more of a side thing, which is usually how I prefer it. There’s something I once said to a friend of mine when trying to describe my feelings towards romance in any form of entertainment…”I generally dislike stories driven purely by romance” I said, (thinking of most shoujo anime/manga lol) “but I love romance that’s driven by a good story.”

    So as long as there’s a good story it’ll be a good show, even if romance doesn’t crop up (although I like it even more when it does), and that’s how Amnesia was for me!

    I also loved the OP theme. That’s one great thing about these Otome game adaptions, they have awesome music XP

    • Eva says:

      Yeah it ultimately up to the viewer how they feel about the characters. Shin LOL, yeah. I didn’t like him either. I didn’t like how he was dealing with the heroine’s AMNESIA and being all forceful about it. And we can see the contrast to how Ukyou handled it.

      I agree. I value story/plot over romance any day.

  2. Hee7 says:

    You know, just thinking about it, AMNESIA’s Adaptation of the game is such that I still really want to play the game. It’s almost 100% faithful to the game, stands on e strength of its own narrative, but due to never stomping the same paths as any of the game’s endings, you’re left with enough ambiguities (especially in the romance department) that you want to check it out.

    It also makes me feel better if I pick any of the other guys (say, Kent) because she could legit belong to that world even after helping you-know-who. And maybe you-know-who was no longer suffering and happy with HIS you-know-who because conscious traveling blahblahblah.


    Good God, get out of my comment Voldemort!

  3. lilgamergal says:

    Of course as a Toma fan I love him the most :3 but I agree. I wish they did explain more about the characters (Shame it only had 12 episodes) Like Kent for example. The poor guy only had one episode. I havent played the game but have read various reviews and seen someone played the game for Tomas route and I still love him *3* oh and In amnesia later hes more likable. (Considering all other yanderes in otome games, Toma is like an angel. Compared to them) I mean heck Yuno is more scary O-O;; Enough of my fan protesting xD I loved the eyes though *_* so vibrant. I heard brain base (the animators) are animating Brothers Conflict, another otome game. and a visual novel. I LOVE the VN makes me go :O every time. I really want a second season for this :3 They could do it with amnesia later or with Amnesia crowd which seems interesting.
    Brothers Conflict VN summery if interested —–>

    Wow this seems like a Long comment O_O oh and if you havent seen Amnesias character poll (official one) heres a link <— youll be surprised whos first :3 and the diffrence in votes xD but im content with whose first :3

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I trust Brains Base to do another relatively good job- the last company I want to do an otome game adaption is Studio DEEN because they just BUTCHER everything. Admittedly though, they did a pretty good job with Hakuouki (except the art, RIP THE CHARACTER DESIGNS), Hiiro no Kakera however is a whole different story. Brothers Conflict is one of the games I am not familiar with, so thanks for the link *reads* …. Well, THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING. XDDD

      I am not surprised to see that Toma is first. He is the most popular route and because of that *points to plushie* there’s an exclusive plushie for him on CDJapan. GRRR WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO PRICEY, I’D BUY IT… waiting and hoping for a Ukyou one though ahaha

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