AMNESIA Episode 12: The Journey is Over [FINAL]


My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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17 Responses

  1. lilgamergal says:

    aha i do agree on the ukyo not getting a kiss :/ i mean even Toma (although it was forced or whatever, not that i care) got a kiss and wen ukyo just stabbed himself i practically flipped a table .-. poor guy. i found the ending ok (since i didnt have to be upset if she didnt end up with Toma or Shin) but i lovd this series and am so upset its over ;_; i mean HNK got 26 episodes and i found it rushed D: now like tegami batchi im going to sob in an isolated room since its over

    • Eva says:

      It’s really sad that it’s over now i am off to hunt down any info on Later and Crowd mwahahaha. Just UGGHHHH I had gut feeling last night that Brains Base was going to pull this and was was desperately hoping that they wouldn’t, obviously it was too late. But when you look at the whole show, it was definitely enjoyable and they did a damn good job with balancing out the plot and tying up the loose ends.

      It baffles my mind how HNK even got 26 episodes, I tried watching the first season and bored me to death. And to hear that it was rushed… man that’s pretty bad. Despite that, I am still all for playing the game. XD

  2. Noc says:

    Same as you, I wanted to feel sad for Ukyou but didn’t really. I feel like the show needed just one more episode before this one to really hammer out Ukyou’s struggle, like a whole episode showing all the times he failed to save her or something. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll get some OVAs showing the different endings, that would be nice.

    But OH MY GAWD ORION!!! I was almost crying. I was making the noises but wasn’t quite in tears. It was so touching to see the Heroine become emotional enough to smile like that and then cry over leaving him. It felt like I got MY ENDING, the Orion ending lol. With this I am satisfied, although I’m still hoping for an OVA where he called out to her and she hears him (or even better, an ova where he becomes human and reunites with her, I know that happens in one of the Amnesia games fufufu).

    • Eva says:

      *SOBS* I KNOW RIGHT. Yeah you make a good point that perhaps it would have been good to have an extra episode just so that we can see Ukyou’s despair. That would be such a painful, but awesome heart wrenching episode- and it would be totally worth it if they ever did it right.

      Yes you definitely got your ending with Orion ahaha. I think those who, like you ship Orion with the Heroine are probably the happiest of the fandom right now. XD

      I have this artbook, Orion is so precious omg and Neil is gorgeous, and *sobs as she flips through the pages of all the Ukyou x Heroine kiss CGs* FEELLSSSS (seriously you should get the artbook if you haven’t already IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!)


      • Noc says:

        Hahaha ^^ well I would get the art book if I wasn’t SO DAMN CHEAP!! I tend to be really frugal with my hobbies so that I can really splurge when I need to. At the moment I’m conserving funds for cosplay materials and whatever I might like to buy at Toronto’s Anime North convention this May. I’ve never bought any artwork or figurines though- its crossed my mind often enough, but I always rationalizing my way out of it- “sure it looks pretty, but do you really NEED it?” which, if prolonged, inevitably turns into “it’s SO BEAUTIFUL but I’m just SO POOR DX” lol

        • Eva says:

          TTwTT I can’t make cosplays for my life. If I could I would have loved to cosplay as the Heroine. /SOBS But I think I’m going with the cheap route as casual Ayase Chihaya :D
          Yeah it’s better to rationalize. xDDD

          • Noc says:

            This will only be my second time cosplaying, but my wishlist of cosplay choices is mostly made up of characters with relatively simple outfits so here’s not much work to do. I can see how the Heroine’s outfit would be hard, it’s like everything either has to be altered somehow (provided you can find the right stuff) or custom-made from scratch >.<

            One of my strategies for avoiding this is to choose an outfit the character doesn't wear as often- for example, I'm cosplaying as Morgiana from Magi this year, but I'm going in her original slave attire because it has less to it. You could cosplay as the Heroine in her festival kimono or work attire (kimono are actually easy to make if you can find suitable patterns) or her hospital clothes (she does wear those a lot lol), the nightgown Toma gave her, anything else she's worn before! It's kind of a cheat, but at the same time it does set you apart XP

  3. Hee7 says:

    Hmm. I actually was pretty happy with the ending, but maybe that’s partially due to coming off of Ib, where the focus is on a 9 yr old and 16-19 trying to escape an inverted art museum nightmare alive (and their let’s-protect-each-other-and-learn-courage relationship is just so innocent and precious like H+O GUH).

    I agree that Ukyo’s bit could have been handled better–such as quick flashbacks of his deaths and you know, not having a long as hell speech with a dagger stuck in his heart (REALLY =__=)–but once they cut-out to the world of consciousness and explained things, I realized something.

    This may be the Heroine’s story, but it isn’t a story of her finding her true world ; more like, it’s a story wherein a god calls upon a girl in a latch ditch effort to save himself and a suffering boy because she’s the only one who can. And in this quest that has been thrust upon her and a fairy boy, they see and experiences strange and new sights and grow and become kinda friends. The people and encounters in each world are just add to a colorful patchwork of life.

    So, I really liked it. Strange that an Otome game became scarcely about the romance, but I don’t mind it much. It was sweet. It gave thought to its ending and turnabout my expectations in such a way that was surprisingly nice. It didn’t matter which world she was from, just that she was willing to help out.

    A brief and forgotten moment in a girls life; ah, so fleeting, so Japanese~

    It should be noted that I may have cried during the Orion montage. Maybe. come to me baybeee.

    • Eva says:

      Oh I think I know Ib, through fanarts XD.

      Long as hell speech indeed. I was like, “Dude, how are you still alive? There should be blood coming out your mouth by now.” XDDDD

      Hmm that’s an interesting perspective. I never thought of it that way.

      It’s actually not that uncommon for Otome Games not be focused too much on romance. I think most titles with the romance as a side-quest or being saved for the sequels are not as well known- or their plots are overshadowed by the fandom’s focus on the bits of romance making it bigger than it actually is.

      *passes tissue* There there.

      • Hee7 says:

        Ib is fairly new to me so the feels are bleeding over. (Fighting For You /sob)

        Not knowing how he wasn’t suffocating due to his heart not, you know, pumping oxygen to his body was incredibly distracting during the drama moments. “Stop crying and explain this to me, Ukyo-san!” I wanted the Heroine to say.

        I’m amazed you could read that and understand anything through all the crappy auto-correct.

        I dunno. I like being surprised and being proven wrong about people/situations. The anime made us believe she would be romancing-all-the-guys or that there was one-true-route, but in reality she was on no one’s route! I wouldn’t have minded an Ukyo ending, but… I dunno. Brains Base’s decision to make her ‘unattached’ felt more freeing? I have no doubt she cared about Ukyo, but while she’s an amnesia I don’t think she could give love it’s due weight without the foundation of that relationship. Orion’s goodbye was so moving because the two of them had built one up, innocently and openly, without even meaning to.

        Too, it’s almost fitting that she isn’t necessarily ‘choosing’ someone who ‘seems better’ like it’s a game (ha ha). She belongs where she belongs, wherever that is.

        Tl;dr, the real romance will start when she’s no longer braindead. …pfff. :b

        (I see what you mean about the Otome stuff. My favorite Otome, Hatoful Boyfriend, is more about tragedy and comedy and what love (of all sorts) will drive a person to do than romance. Still, it’s pretty rare for an Otome adaptation to not end with the Protag end on somebody’s route or everybody-loves-her-harem-end-GO. It’s nice.)

        thank you for the tissue. *cries over Orion hoodie pictures on the Internet*

        • Eva says:

          I keep on dying though. I can’t seem to get through. XDDD;;; Like either the ninja birds get me or Iwamine Shuu kills me before I can get any further.

          • Hee7 says:


            Shuu killing you is his good end. Now, his best end… :P

            If you keep dying it’s ’cause you’re not on anyone’s route by September or managed to jump off that route with an unfortunate choice. Are you playing the demo or the ~$5 full version?

  4. Eva says:


    SHUU KILLING YOU IS A GOOD END?! ARE KIDDING ME. I DON’T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT HIS BEST END. unless its the part when you eat one of your friends- that i know about

    • Hee7 says:

      Pfff. XD

      There’s only one ending per bird in the demo version (plus the general bad end). You know you’ve got their ending when you’re still alive on Legumentines.

      His best end is AWESOME but why it’s the best end isn’t properly explained until you reach the hidden route (full version only), and the sequel expands on his psyche even moreso so.

  5. lilgamergal says:

    Oh i found something out :O at the endn of episode 12 in the middle its a moon card! and ukyo’s card is a joker card! so whats up with that O_O;;

  6. lilgamergal says:

    wait what end of nagase (library dude) did i get? b’cuz nagase kinda vanishd and i cried my eyes out :/ ahh the memorys~ ;_;

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