AMNESIA Episode 11: The Price of Defying Fate

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve met you and lost you… but I still love you.”AMNESIA Episode 11 Img 0036


FFFF—- within 5 minutes into the episode and I was already holding my breath, getting chills and feeling incredibly anxious for what to come because I honestly did not know what to expect. Was there going to be another close call? When was Insane!Ukyou going to pop out? Those kinds of thoughts.

AMNESIA Episode 11 Img 0024BUT *%&!(*%&(*!%# GOD DAMN IT. CRAAAAPPPPPP. I honestly don’t know whether I should praise the Heroine for her guts and mighty courage to step outside of her home when Ukyou had SPECIFICALLY warned her not to in order to ensure her safety or to scold her. I guess both because I was happy to see that she was concerned about him dying in her stead and I was annoyed that she was forgetting that it could be the “Shrine Trap” all over again. Speaking of which: I can tell you for certain I lost my shit when the Heroine went to the shrine and screamed, “GOD DAMNIT HEROINE, HE TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THE SHRINE AND THAT HE IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ONE OF ALL.” FFFFFF—– I’m sure that scene was painful for all of us to watch. The Heroine has been really pushing her luck because if Ukyou hadn’t slashed himself to snap his out of his insane!side, the Heroine may very well be dead right now- OR, I dare say she might even have possibly slipped into another or return to one of the previous worlds- unless… this specific route is supposed to be the last one or a dead end. Oh the irony!

AMNESIA Episode 11 Img 0008I freaked when I saw that Insane!Ukyou was the one to wake up first when the Heroine woke up him from his nap. Right then and there he revealed that she isn’t supposed to be alive, period. She was in fact supposed to die on August 1st. Now here is where things get interesting. It turns out that Ukyou was originally the one who was supposed to die as he too have been targeted by the world. However fate is funny thing, and for most cases it always comes with a price- especially when you fight against it. The one of the most common rules for fighting against one’s Fated Death Date: For one to live another must die. So for Ukyou to live, the Heroine must die or vice versa. With that is mind, now we wonder: What incident changed Ukyou’s fate? Why is the world targeting the Heroine now instead? Could she have something to do with changing Ukyou’s previous fate of death? Or did he manage to outrun fate with the cost of his lover’s life?

Anyways it seems that in order for the cycle to end or something (although there is no guarantee that will happen) the Heroine needs to make it to August 26th, and she only has 30 minutes left until then.

AMNESIA Episode 11 Img 0000*SOBS* That’s it, Ukyou x Heroine is my OTP. I love these two so much! NONE OF THE OTHER GUYS CAN TOP UKYOU’S LOVE FOR THE HEROINE!
They first met when the heroine was visiting a town that Ukyou lived in on vacation and was lost. They then met again when he started working in the present town at her university. While they had only recently started dating before this unfortunate event befallen them (or so that’s what I think). The saddest part is that Ukyou has been repeating events over and over again because he truly loves the Heroine, and he mentioned that that he had experienced her death so many times, that he had lost count. /BRB DROWNING IN A SEA OF FEELS (I guess in a way, going back into time almost like Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka, except the only difference between the two is that Ukyou is traveling through different parallel worlds. But I can’t seem to figure out whether the other worlds are a done deal and the heroine is dead, or he is able to jump around but every time he does he lands on a specific date which allows him to try protecting the Heroine)

It is still very unclear how Ukyou is able to repeat time again and again by traveling through parallel worlds like they are right now, (Orion mentioned that an ordinary person shouldn’t be able to do that, so while we do see the split personality right now, there might be more than meets the eye.) I am crossing my fingers that they will explain it in the finale next week! PLEASE PLEASE DO. THAT IS THE ONLY PLOTHOLE LEFT! There are probably a couple of others I might be forgetting because there are always going to be plotholes but this is the one that stands out the most.
This story is on a roll, and I would hate to see this not be addressed.

When Ukyou mentioned the well at the shrine, I thought, “Oh! So maybe that’s how he got possessed!” until we later learned that he had fallen into the well. But when he talked about it, it definitely implies that he either died or almost died in there. That could also, considering the Heroine’s circumstances how Ukyou wounded up traveling through parallel worlds like her. Either way, it’s a bitter memory for him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does end up telling us the whole story about the ominous well.

AMNESIA Episode 11 Img 0049So the fire didn’t happen at Shinano, it is at the Heroine’s university which is important to Ukyou because that was where they encountered each other again for the second time and he decided that’s where he is going to die/disappear in silence. It is clear from what we seen last week from that either the Heroine will slip into another route (perhaps this time her home world) or Ukyou is going to snap out of it at some point or another, but it appears it is going to be far more challenging than ever before because this is the final day, and the universe and his other self will do everything in their power to kill her.

I wonder, despite the rule I mentioned in the above of preventing one’s fated death- Whether it is possible for both of them to survive. One would think all they have to do is fight for their lives till midnight- unless regardless of having survived, one of them is going to disappear. 

Last point I wanted to make: While the quality of the animation was great as usual, I found that they sky should have been a whole lot darker if it is really thirty minutes till midnight/August 26th because looked like it was mid-day.

PS: I am sure I am not the only one who considered that maybe Ukyou should have told her to or the Heroine decide to block his number, but then again if she had I’m almost certain that Insane!Ukyou would have hunted her down and attempt to kill her in her in her home where she would be cornered.


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8 Responses

  1. Hee7 says:

    I could be wrong, but I feel as if the moment in which she went into the storm is the first time she was really herself. In this world, she’s not EXACTLY rediscovering her memories or anything, but she appears more engaged and (invested?) in this world, as if it’s more natural for her to be in it. She isn’t as much numbly reacting to things, dragged along by whatever each guy’s route requires of her. (Watching the ending sequence and her expressions in it reaaally solidified this impression for me.)

    Now she’s making her own decisions; she even shuts Orion down when he tells her to think of her safety. Has she ever done that?

    She’s shortsighted, but at last actively involved in her own decisions.

    Speaking of Orion, isn’t it interesting that ever since they’ve arrived in this world he hasn’t disappeared once? It makes me think that this MUST be her true world; as if the further apart she went from her true memories and grew false ones, the less… Orion could manifest? Could be connect with her? Idk. He was there in Kent’s route when they most needed to talk about parallel universes, which seems too deus ex machina to be a coincidence. I don’t think Orion is hiding anything, but I don’t trust his speculations (regarding his role and how he came to be stuck in her head) to be fully accurate.

    (And speak not of that well scene. Speak not of it!!!)

    • Eva says:

      Actually now that you mention it, it would make sense for this to be her home world. As Ukyou pointed out that he wants to save her this time (after having failed countless times, so perhaps that is her fate in her world- to die and it isn’t just because this is in this death route. But with that mind, she did have a moment when she appeared to slip into another world last week when we saw her standing in the fire. She was in daze for a moment before she snapped out of it and made a run for it.

      Yes she is shortsighted but I too am all for making her own decisions- not to mention, GUTS. SHE HAS IT. I mean would you step outside of your door if you knew that today would be the day the world will be doing everything in its power to kill you? XD
      And another thing that just hit me now: You know what they say, sometimes even when one loses their memory, their heart still remembers. ;D

      As for Orion, it’s really hard to pin point how the worlds interfere with her connection with him and whether or not it’s a side effect of being bounded by her.

      • Hee7 says:

        Oh yeah, that fire memory last episode! *dunce* I wondered just what supposedly made this world the ‘last chance’ for Ukyo/Heroine, but… if this was her original world, maybe there’s no going past finding it again? Like, her consciousness won’t unstick?

        [ Sounds tangential, but relevant to this thread of thought:
        Did the Anime cover when Orion first woke the Heroine immediately after she lost her memories? When they first met? I feel as if I recall (in the Anime) Orion speaking to her as if he had already met her, she just was too out of it to remember. The beg. of the PSP game, the little bit I actually saw an LP on, actually their first moments and it was reeeeeally interesting. I feel as if there are clues to this Ukyo predicament in that scene and it’s driving me crazy! *tears out hair* ]

        GUTS, yes, that’s the perfect word for it! :D

        I think by shortsighted I was trying to refer to Ukyo turning on her, was heck YES did she brave a storm she knew was out to kill her for sake of another. Maybe she is ~shortsighted to his faults~ because of their deep, inescapable lurve~

        tl;dr, I totes agree; I think some part of her still connects with him on a sub level. xD

        Orion’s the secondary plot hole for me (the other being how this switching death things is even possible) so I had to speculate just a bit. He’s my favorite character in AMNESIA. My precious! * v *

        • Eva says:

          Yeah understood you were referring to Ukyou turning on her, looks like I didn’t make myself clear hahahaha XD;;; Sorry about that ;;;;

          If we’re lucky, Orion’s plothole will be filled in next week, but it’s probably not going to happen.
          HOWEVER—– if we’re lucky!!!! There is always the possibility that the DVD/BD will use the extra time they have to add that part. ;w; Then boom! Plothole filled :D I doubt it’d be that simple but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic

          Yes he is adorable and precious <3 I can't hate him! I don't see why one would anyways!

          • Hee7 says:

            WORDS. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

            If they don’t fill it in, I have hopes for another series or OVA or DVD/BR extras. There’s like, two more games + AMNESIA is immensely popular? Orion~! *starry eyes*

            Those that hate him probably do so on principle because 1) he’s technically a mascot character and 2) he cannot physically interact with the real word, and therefore stuck being a cheerleader. No all-powerful shounen spiritual creature for they~

            (Tl;dr I get where some are coming from, but if one has empathy at all how???)

    • CeePhoenix says:

      But remember this is based off a game which has alternate endings. The producers have to choose which world for her to be in. It may even be a cliffhanger or maybe just the world which has the most popular male character which is probably the hearts, Shin. And since it is based off a game, she may not have a name because the name is normally chosen by the player. But that’s just what I think.

  2. Noc says:

    So it’s just like Final Destination!! Well, plus world hopping…and memory loss…and spirits…but the death-is-out-to-get-you thing is definitely like Final Destination. I’m guessing the same rule applies where Death only stops chasing you when you save someone else from death, making them the focus of attacks instead of you. At least that’s how it happened at the end of one of those movies =/

    While your OTP is Ukyou x Heroine, my OTP is Orion x Heroine!! I don’t care if he’s a kid or not >.< (an extremely rare exception on my part lol) he's always been by her side whether she could see him or not, and thinking of all the times he'd wanted to help her but couldn't touch her or even speak to her on some occasions…it just breaks my heart T.T yes, even more than Ukyou jumping world lines and probably watching her die/killing her a lot.

    I really like Ukyou too though, and the heroine's decision to go to him despite the warnings from him and Orion felt very genuine, like her raw instincts were guiding her to help the person she really loves even if she doesn't remember them. And even if she makes stupid decisions like going to a dangerous shrine or leaving home when the world is trying to kill you, but love is blind, so no judgment this time!

  3. LilGamerGirl says:

    My shipping pair is her and Toma but OmG the feelings I encountered during this episode :0 WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END ;-;

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