AKB0048 Next Stage Ep 12: Unwelcomed Return


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  1. Wanderer says:

    I think (repeat “THINK”) that Miichan told Yuuko that stuff about needing to be alone because she wanted Yuuko to trigger the initial transformation into a Center Nova and open the gate, but not disappear herself. With what we’ve learned, I think she may actually have been trying to protect Yuuko from fully disappearing. I think.

    But it looks like what happened is that Yuuko channeled so much energy that she was thrown out of the normal world anyway, and here we find her in a horrible situation. Her soul wasn’t in the right condition to reach where she needed to go, and so she’s trapped on the shattered staircase of the idols’ dreams, stuck between worlds. She can’t climb any higher to join the rest of the center novae, and she can’t go back down to rejoin the others in the real world. Seeing her there with tears in her eyes is almsot more than I can stand.

    Chieri, Nagisa, you have to save her. Now more than ever. You are the only ones who have been to that place: you are likely the only ones whose souls are truly suited to travel there, otherwise others would have stayed on the train with you. Open the gate and bring her back. Please.

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