Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16: The Ghost

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16 -  (16)

“Out of everyone that I know, I believe you are the most frightening, Yoshino-san.” – Aika


Samon’s party has already made the preparations for the first time the Mage of Exodus to appear in public and with that flashy entrance, the people around the area and the ones watching television are both in awe and happy to the fact that someone actually exists that can erase the existence of the Tree of Genesis in the world.

The next thing, there was a rumor spreading that there’s a spy roaming around the Kusaribe Village and is said to be investigating about the Magic of the Kusaribe Clan. Knowing this, Hakaze made the issue as an excuse to calm herself away from her contradicting feelings towards Yoshino but in the end, failed to do so.


Seriously, Aika, I do agree to you on that line (see featured line). I do see Yoshino as not just a normal leading character with a very composed personality. Not to mention, he even asked something so bold to his girlfriend like, “Are you wearing underwear?” That humor of the episode aside, with this, I can’t really blame Samon and the others to suspect Yoshino to have a heart of Exodus. Imagine, he even dated Aika behind Mahiro’s back, his composure is (in  sense) inhuman, he is not that athletic but can still go and can easily catch up with the others in terms of physical abilities (whereas it is probably given that Mahiro is better in terms of fighting without talismans). But there is one thing that’s bugging me: he’s pretty much dense – or this is just maybe because he doesn’t know Hakaze that much or he’s still too fixated with Aika that he doesn’t even dare to look at another girl. He is specially a very hard character to read unlike Mahiro who is so obvious into anything and is easily temper-manipulated.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16 -  (2)

Although Aika is even more bolder!

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16 -  (8)The appearance of the Mage of Exodus was truly… flashy. XD I never thought I would actually laugh on that one. I mean, I do know that they are planning to dress Hanemura up and I know he’d look like someone from Mask Rider or Power Rangers but I never thought they also thought up of THAT kind of play. You can never believe me how hard I was laughing while watching the whole series and how the commentators had reacted upon his appearance. Come on! Mages don’t look like that! Or is this another weird standard of this series that mages are suit up in full armor with a cloak behind and sparkling like a star in the sky – not to mention, he has two other people with him. Man, for Hanemura to be ended up in that huge of a situation, basing his character, his humiliation and nervousness is so high that it must have been the reason why he wanted to sleep right after. HAHA

And so, Hakaze and Yoshino went to the Kusaribe Village in order to investigate the spy that has said to be infiltrating the home Village of the Princess – as Hakaze’s reason to divert herself from her feelings towards Yoshino. Nothing actually beats a person’s memory about his or her hometown. Hakaze even realized this and that she has been away for two years. The kids in the Village are already grown up and there are a lot of changes in the Village than it was before she was dumped into an island. AND GUESS WHAT GUYS?! I just actually remembered and will try to remember Tetsuma’s name from now on. XD When Hakaze and Yoshino tried to talk to the elders to give them a warning about the spy rumor, they also give them another weird information that there’s a ghost that’s been wandering on a shrine. Even though Kusaribe Clan is a clan full of secrets and mysteries, they didn’t have any information about their clan and magic in material form and everything is passed down through mouths – which is actually good but can also be not that accurate as generation passes and can they actually remember everything? LOL Hakaze’s nature also changed so much after what the Tree of Genesis had done to the world and that she’s much convinced about Samon’s theory.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16 -  (20)

These twin granny… are… LOL

While we are at that, Hakaze ended up being with Yoshino more with the investigation about the spy and the ghost at the shrine. Of course, being alone with Yoshino, under the starry sky, sitting beside him will make her kokoro go doki doki, you know. And will make her look like someone who’s is pretty much obsessed with another person of the opposite sex by thinking on what she had done in front of him or what should could have done better to make a good mood for the both of them. The turmoil in her feelings is contradicting her reason of guilt. While Hakaze is trying to fight her feelings’ growth, Yoshino is still very fixated on Aika, remembering the time she’s with him.  And you know what’s more weird, in everything that has happened on Yoshino, he can’t help but to remember a fragment on his memories with Aika and everything the girl has said before – only implying that Aika could have known more than what was shown. Creepy. Before we could even get to the thing with Aika’s ghost, we shall talk about the ghost that wanders on the shrine that a girl was lead to this trap who believe she might see her brother. The ghost was the spy, alright. And it even held the girl as hostage and since the Village is not allowed to use magic at the moment because of this spy, they are pretty much limited on what to do. But this didn’t stop Yoshino and his justice – really? Well, Yoshino is the type of guy who would be willing to risk his life for the sake of others – well, almost – especially to those innocent ones. If we recall, he even went with Mahiro when he was told to go away, he even went as far to help Hakaze on her almost downfall, he even went along with his former enemies after both Trees appeared. I guess he’s a guy who can actually accept things too easily. VERY EASILY. But because of his recklessness, Hakaze was forced to use magic when she decided not to just to save him.

Tetsuma and the others became more convince that Yoshino might have a deeper relationship with the Tree of Exodus than it seems and it’s because he’s able to make Hakaze stroll against logic, yet again. But, seriously?! I can’t really blame Hakaze from ruining logic when she knows specifically that she at least has to save the one she likes. What is making me so pissed off in this episode is the fact that Hakaze needs to hold back her feelings just so because she’s the one being protected by the logic of the world and because Yoshino has a (dead) girlfriend!

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 16 -  (40)

“It’s no use. Even if the guilt is crushing me, I’m… I’m in love with Yoshino.” – Hakaze

And to be honest, part of me is also on Samon’s theory’s side – given that comparing Yoshino to Hanemura, that is. LOL

Also, I have a feeling that Natsumura might be able to guess Yoshino’s girlfriend and Aika’s boyfriend if that little chat with Mahiro dragged on longer. Seriously, Hamlet and The Tempest are both stories connected very much with Mahiro and Yoshino with Aika linking the both of them into the story of revenge.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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