Vividred Operation Episode 5: Another Key


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Magicflier says:

    So to sum this up, Rei is someone from an another dimension and the manifestation engine that was in her world was something that destroyed her home planet. She then made a contract with some kind of demon, and is given a specific number of chances to destroy Akane’s engine on her planet. If Rei is successful, then the demon can recreate Rei’s world to what it was before.

    Few question arise though… Where are the Alones coming from? Why are they coming in one by one? Are they possibly responsible for the destruction of Rei’s home planet? Why do the Alones want to destroy the engine?

    I was just thinking over the past few episodes that a single engine supplying energy for the whole planet is too good to be true. Is the engine taking in energy causing some disruption from somewhere else? Maybe the Alone’s planet is collapsing because of this disruption in flow of energy? That would explain why the Alones want to destroy the engine. If this is the case then they are like soldiers going to war… Well all these are still just speculations. I just thought I’d share what i thought here as well. XD

    • Vantage says:

      That’s an intriguing thought, I hadn’t speculated that possibility at all – but now you mention it, handling energy that powers the whole world could easily be causing some sort of dimensional disturbance elsewhere, especially now we’ve seen beings like that bird and Rei that aren’t native to Earth.

      It also makes sense given that Kenjirou somehow knew the Alones would be turning up sooner or later, and as he was the creator of the Engine, he’d know more about its power sources and possible implications more than anyone.

  2. Wanderer says:

    The posssibility of the Engine causing trouble for other worlds is something I’ve been considering as well. I don’t imagine something would want to go around destroying it just at random otherwise… especially given the crow’s comment about destroying Akane’s world. It sounds like the crow intends to do to Akane’s world what was done to Rei’s, and it claims that somehow that will allow either it or the Alones to restore Rei’s world.

    Personally I think it’s lying. Something that goes around schemeing to destroy worlds full of people is not a nice being in general, why should I trust it to have any interest in restoring a world that’s already been destroyed, assuming it could ever even be capable of such a thing? More than that, how do we know it wasn’t responsible for the destruction of Rei’s world in the first place? A disaster at the Engine destroyed her world… that seems to be exactly what it’s trying to cause in Akane’s world.

    I believe the thing caught Rei when she was vulnerable, took a lost girl who had just seen everything she knew, everyone she loved burned away in front of her eyes, and promised to make everything right if she would just do one thing for it. In that moment of course she would have agreed to do anything to bring everyone back.

    • Vantage says:

      I agree that there’s no way the bird will be keeping its promise especially as its such a wild claim, and Rei’s probably going to realise that far too late. Assuming its affiliated with the Alones, it’s possible they’re trying to do this in defence of their home world, but self-defence vibes aren’t what I’m getting from that thing, given how malicious it seems.

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