Shin Sekai Yori Episode 21: Fires of the Apocalypse


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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    Wow…the number of casualties and the massive damage caused by Maria and Mamoru’s kid really is frightening. Now that we’re actually seeing it happen, I’m starting to get where the Board of Education were coming from in trying to kill Mamoru “just in case” – if the potential result is this catastrophe, there’s now a much stronger argument to eliminate the children no matter how many ethical rules it breaks.

    I’m going to question whether the Fiend is really a Fiend at all, as it was very different to what we saw in Boy X. It’s more like…an atavistic, warped child, which makes full sense as it was raised by Queerats. As for why it skirts death feedback…we were never given a clear cut definition, but I’m assuming its something along the lines of “inability to kill one’s own species”. Now, the child was raised by Queerats, not humans – so wouldn’t it see itself as a Queerat, not knowing any better? Thus it is unable to harm them because of death feedback, but is happy to kill humans. This explains why none of the Queerats have been killed by it thus far – they can’t be harmed at all.

    But then the humans in Kamisu 66 see the child as a fellow human, and can’t suicide-kill it. Therefore, the ideal creature to do so would be a Queerat still loyal to humans, yet is protected from the child’s Cantus – someone like Kiroumaru.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      I think it’s a real testament to the shows quality that even though the whole of the human society is built on (and practices) some very disturbing and horrible things, I still don’t want them all to die at the hands of the Queerats. It’s really interesting since usually in a dystopian setting you end up hating “the system” but here you almost end up rooting for them to make it.

      I like your thinking about the Fiend. It makes a lot of sense (probably more than my late night ramblings.) We didn’t really get as much information regarding Fiends as we did Karma Demons, so I’m really hoping they maybe explain or give us some more details about them later. Going by Niimi’s emergency broadcast though, it sounds like Fiends come in a lot of different types, which might explain why this Fiend seems to act so differently than Boy X.

      I think Kiroumaru will definitely have a part to play, but it seems almost too…easy? of a solution to have him be the one to kill the Fiend. I think SSY will probably pull something more twisted and surprising? But if it’s one thing this show is good at, it’s surprising me, so who knows, maybe it will be as simple as having Kiroumaru take out the Fiend with Saki and Satoru’s help.

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