Naruto Shippuden Episode 301: Paradox

“”He was the shinobi with the ultimate spear and shield…what a paradox.”



Pic977Unless you use Fuuton jutsu, you can’t take down someone who’s using a Raiton cloak to shield his body – in terms of “type” advantages in Naruto, that’s how things have always gone. Except for the Sandaime Raikage, who is evidently so powerful that not even type advantages can do a thing. Fuuton, which is strong against Raiton can’t even catch him off-guard, and he easily pierces through a giant Doton wall using a technique similar to Sasuke’s Chidori, which is powered up even more by his amazing speed. Seriously, all these Raikages are incredibly strong…they should have been in more conflict with Konoha in the original Naruto series, other than that one time when a bunch of Kumo people tried to kidnap Hinata and harvest her Byakugan. Anyway, not even a Rasenshuriken to the face can stop him – and that’s after he’s finished dodging and jumping around Naruto’s multiple attempts to shove his “flashy Wind jutsu” at the Sandaime, as those fangirls and Temari described it. How he died seems pretty extravagant too, and is similar to how the Nidaime Hokage died – by facing off against thousands of enemies for ages before finally being overwhelmed. From what he’s shown us today though, it’d be more likely that he’d easily dispatch 10,000 enemies, especially if they were all faceless shinobi like the idiots from last week.

“If his body’s the ultimate shield, how’d he get that?”

With his ultimate body shield and the ultimate lightning spear, it’s rather ironic how he managed to get hurt while fighting the Hachibi, who praised him for his hax skills. Obviously, you can’t have both the best shield and the best spear – it’s paradoxical. One or the other’s got to be stronger, and hilariously the Sandaime ended up falling on his own hand and injuring himself after wearing down the Hachibi to a draw. I doubt it would have been the Bijuudama that would have caused a small scar like that – given that it’s a massive wide beam of destruction, it’d have hurt more than just the Raikage’s chest if it’d pierced through his shield. It was also nice to see Naruto try to perform Bijuudama again, and surprisingly fail – it’d have been a good time to have it work, though he ended up just wearing out some chakra after that. It’s just likely to just be one of his clones though, so it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.


Every episode they keep reinforcing that Naruto’s now gotten both smarter and stronger, managing to quickly come up with a plan to make the Raikage attack himself with his ultimate one-fingered technique. After watching that I’d actually forgotten all about the Tsuchikage and his apparent “death” at the hands of the Mizukage, though clearly from the preview he’s managed to survive in some way or another. More Kage battling next week!


I love cute things.

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