Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep 3 – I like boobies. . .I mean potatoes

This week we have an intense episode featuring. . .potatoes! Totally potatoes. Man I love potatoes. I didn’t even KNOW potatoes could be poisonous until I saw this episode. Uhm.. . . . .

This week made me want to add to the GIFs of Maou’s boobs and put AGRICULTURE on the jiggles. I mean come on lady, how can I concentrate on the colors of spores in the wake of your entirely too distracting cleavage?

This week is hard to sum up in any other way than, wow, look at those potatoes!

It’s all about Maou trying to pimp potatoes out to one of Hero’s old comrades, Knight. Knight freaks out at first because she’s like WTF HERO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? And then it goes back to potatoes. Potatoes potatoes potatoes.

Potatoes give out crops.

Potatoes are poisonous in sunlight.

Potatoes are a nearly perfect crop and can help bring harvests to poorer soils.



I have this odd suspicion potatoes have caused the plague.

I mean, stuff happens and I’m gonna get to it but guys.

Fuckin’ potatoes!

Ok now onto the non potato relevant story.

let me tell you more about potatoes. . .

You see the plot of this episode is the continuing expansion Maou and Hero are trying to accomplish. Bring food and steady agriculture- peace- or so it seems on the outside. But we learn quickly that all of Hero’s traveling buddies were given rewards – if they so chose- and we also learn that Mage disappeared to search for Hero. WE ALL KNOW HOW THIS WILL END. So the rest of the story is Hero and Maou deceiving/helping Knight in order to expand things for her.


And of course sexual tension. Delicious sexual tension!

And. . .it gets cut off by Hero going to find Mage. Dammit, I am already tired of being coc- oh boobies I’m okay again!

Next episode! More potatoes! Probably some squash! And hopefully. . . boobies!

but probably just squash




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