Little Busters! Episode 18: Closure


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9 Responses

  1. MCAL says:

    Actually, Kud’s arc will be up next. The next episode will be the start of her arc, the episode after is just filler and then the next three(?) episodes will be the rest of Kud’s arc. Your guess is as good as mine for the remaining three, but even if they started Refrain next episode there would still not be enough time.The director of LB said that there will be a continuation of the series, but its not certain if it will be in TV episodes or OVA form. Most likely the former considering the Blu-Ray/DVD sales.

    Also, I want the Saigusa family to all die horrible deaths.

    • Vantage says:

      Ah okay, so we’re moving on to Kud. Refrain must be really long if the remaining 8 episodes of this season aren’t enough to cover it. And I agree that it’ll be a second TV series after this :D It’ll probably sell just fine.

      • MCAL says:

        Refrain is supposedly longer than Clannad After Story, so considering the length of that, the next season might even have to be three cour.

      • Magicflier says:

        Yea, Refrain would probably need at least 9-10 episodes at most if they were to completely portray it’s story while still leaving minor details out. It might be longer though since the producer stated that they are going to be more informative in the anime compared to the visual novel in terms of relationships between the members of the little busters.

    • Jiburi says:

      In my opinion, as long as Haruka and Futaki will remain unharmed after leaving the family, then all is good. We don’t need a repeating cycle of hatred. In this kind of situation, all that matters the most is how well the twins are doing in their present lives. Little Buster’s goal is to to support their friends, and protect their current happiness, not doing justice to the world because of past traumas. Nothing really comes out of trying to do justice to the ‘bad guys’ and end up harming themselves all over again with a possibility of getting arrested. The family will die off by itself as time passes having losing two potential heirs. Let’s leave off the story of the twins struggle for an another time, their arc was suppose to show us the resolution to the twin’s hatred of eachother. They both now have the whole little busters team to support them now.

  2. Seph Baelzara says:

    Nope! Still not refrain. Still have Kud, Kurugaya, and Rin’s route, and some minor common route items before we touch Refrain.
    Still, I was glad they dealt with this route as they did. It was a relief, to be honest.

    • MCAL says:

      Me too. Haruka’s route was great in the VN, but it was just way too over dramatic about everything. Compared to that, JC Staff made Haruka’s arc into a masterpiece of subtlety.

    • Magicflier says:

      If Kud’s route really does end on episode 23, then there won’t be enough room to tell the stories for both Rin’s and Kurugaya’s all in the remaining 3 episodes. Even if they rush it, at most Kurugaya would need at least 3 episodes, while Rin1+2 would need two episodes. To make matters worst, they haven’t done any kind of ‘head start’ for either of these arcs… I’m curious as to how they are going to end this season.

  3. Jiburi says:

    I haven’t played the visual novel, but i heard that next episode is officially the introduction into Kud’s arc. The beginning of her arc has a few comedy elements at first aimed at her bad english.

    Sales for little busters seemed to be about 11,000+ the last time i checked for last week’s update on the DVD/BD sales.

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