Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 66: Nearing Climax

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 66 -  (15)

“Sucks for you. I’m the only one passing this year.”  – Killua


Killua manage to finish his Hunter Exam in a short period of time and probably made a record by doing it somehow. When he went back to the game, Gon and Bisky introduced the spell cards they managed to gain while he was away and Killua suggested to use some of them. When they tried to use “Contact” spell card, Chollo’s name appeared on the list of players which made them though that Chrollo somehow manage to use his Nen while being under Kurapika’s judgment although they were wrong.

With training in mind, Gon and Killua decided to continue their journey within the game but Bisky said that they will be starting to play the game seriously now and collected seven different restricted cards in no time.


Well, that was a pretty speedy exam for Killua. LOL Well, I guess only that during Gon and the party’s time that there are a lot of powerful hunter examinees and gave them all the trouble while during Killua’s re-take well… it was only for almost two hours since the actual exam started that he was called for a pass. XD Since the first episode that Killua appeared on this series (during Hunter Exam’s first phase) aside from his ability that had gotten much stronger, his character also had some obvious development and changes. I can’t blame him since Gon is a really influential character and not to mention that Gon might have reminded Killua that he’s a child too and needs to have fun sometimes. LOL Before, Killua always had his “never talk to me” aura during the first phase and was only pretending to be an innocent child to fool others around and might have been a little bossy since he knows that he can finish the hunter exam with no problem and that he’s powerful than any other examinees. But in this episode, it was clearly seen that he became more stealth about his power growth and of course, was just grinning to himself and see how he can finish the exam as quickly as he could.

There were actually some familiar faces and even including Tonpa – who doesn’t really wanna give up on his mission as the newbie crusher (lol), there’s the trio as well and the girl that uses poison (uh-huh, forgot her name lol) and many others which wasn’t really highlighted on the first hunter exam shown in the series particularly the extras. XD Of course, added by the person who helped them during the auction who wanted to become a hunter just to sell his hunter’s license. XD Bad thing for him since Killua plans to finish the exam as quickly as possible and to play Greed Island with Gon. Killua manage to finish the first phase in an hour and a half – which was it was needed to defeat 5 examinees and take their tags and show them to the proctor – and when he was asked for the tags, he carried a bag of them. He actually defeated all 1,488 examinees instead.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 66 -  (17)
He’s freaking cute in this. D:
Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 66 -  (26)
I miss him on screen. :”>

Killua was welcomed in the game by the thought that Chrollo might have removed the Nen that was planted by Kurapika from himself and decided to play the game. But unfortunately, it was reassured by Kurapika that if ever Chrollo does remove the curse he put in him, he would know and that it was Hisoka who used Chrollo’s name in the game. Well, that was cool. It is seemed while playing Greed Island; you can use in-game names as well. That was never mentioned. LOL Well, I guess that was already a given since this is a game that we’re talking about but Greed Island is kind of different. At least, Bisky decided to play the game for real now and they have been collecting different cards so far with ease and saying that it was too easy. Thanks to Bisky’s training, of course! Also, they manage to experience card trading and being contacted by previous players that they have met along the way. So does this mean Gon met Hisoka along the way and didn’t notice or was that Hisoka stalking Gon again? XD

Well, would you look at that, Neon can’t seem to use her Nen now and her father is in turmoil because of that? I can’t believe that he worries more about his daughter’s ability than her daughter’s safety. I guess this is what you called being blinded by riches. This must have something to do with Chrollo as well. We get to see Kurapika again anyway so it’s fine. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 66 -  (49)Gon’s party for beating the game is going nice and smoothly. They even gathered more than they could imagine in one day. They even got their hands on some precious and usefull items along the way and at the same time – having fun! This is what a game should be! *curses others who takes this game too seriously with killing and stuff* Not to mention, that Gambling City is interesting with the risky dice. XD Killua was seriously into the stuff that he actually turned into a cat-looking person. OKAY THAT WAS JUST CUTE. And seriously?! 0.01% of chance to win?! What is this place?!?!?!

Also, The Bomber’s party and Tsezgerra’s are nearing into beating the game and only need a couple of cards to do it. Both parties also agreed on a trade which was impossible to think about. I mean, 1 SS ranked card with 2 S’s to be traded to 1 A-ranked? Too good for the ears, really.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 66 -  (50)
Well, Mr. Commentator said that this arc is nearing its climax and so, I decided to use that phrase to be the title of this episode. LOL
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