Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 65: The Exorcist

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 65 -  (8)

“His childhood must have been a living hell. It’s a miracle that he can smile now. Indeed, they make a great team.” – Biscuit


Gon and Killua continued their training on their last phase but since Killua needs to enter the Hunter’s Exam again, he needs to log off of the game and take the initial exams while Gon has to continue his training to be able to reach Killua’s Nen power level.

At least there was one person from whom the Bomber had blackmailed decided to warn Gon and his party about the traitor from their group and how things might end up with their current situation.


So the Phantom Troupe’s plan on getting inside the island by boat didn’t go so well. They were pretty much welcomed by Razor – who happens to be one of the Game Masters of the game. Apparently, Razor’s story is really touching and inspirational and I do hope it will be revealed to us soon on this remake series since things connected to Ging in HxH is pretty much the biggest mystery of all. Also, the Phantom Troupe didn’t even start a fuss at all knowing that Razor is a powerful Nen user and also as Razor would acknowledge them as powerful ones as well. Based on how he attacked that boat, he’s pretty much into sports. XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 65 -  (3)

And his build is pretty much good for sports, imo.

Biscuit hit the spot again towards Killua! Well, one would actually deduce something the same as hers since using electricity to become your Nen ability is a hard task. For someone who was honed into electricity and exposed to other pain since child, they must have had some tough childhood and this is why I like the friendship between Gon and Killua since both really did something to change the other. How great friendship can be, right?

Thanks to Biscuit’s love of parties, the two kids were reminded of the Hunter exam which Killua must take again and, of course, pass it. Killua decided to go while Gon remained to train more and learn more about his Nen ability and at the same time, be warned about the situation with the traitor from Abengane’s group. Coincidence or not that the Magnetic spell card actually located Gon and Biscuit; it is still meaningful that he tried to warn some players about it. And if only he had more time at hand, he can warn more players as well. Abengane’s Nen ability is quite interesting. He’s an exorcist that removes Nen curses from one’s body (my classmates actually had a debate about his ability and the matter where Kurapika’s judgment chain is concern lol) and unique and… creepy. Well, I really do think that THAT creature is creepy. Especially its lips. XD They are hugggeeee!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 65 -  (35)


And so it seems that the promise that Genthru made with the others about the disarming of the bombs were just a lie. Yeah – I just spoiled episode 64 review with this and it doesn’t matter! LOL It’s just shows how naïve people are. I mean, if Genthru did stick to his words and disarm all of the bombs that he planted, that would only let go his only safety measures against so many players. Even though he is strong and has other two allies, they are still outnumbered. With proper plans and techniques, they can all defeat The Bomber with ease (and maybe let Gon and the others help with it lol). At least, Abengane’s safe and he was able to let that monster suck the bomb from his body but he has to hide from the group of terrorists. At the same time, Gon gets worried about The Bomber and the people with bombs (who are actually must have dies by now) but he has to worry more about his Nen development now that Killua is trying his best with his Hunter Exam.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 65 -  (50)

Well, he is trying his best but… the exam is still a few days to go. XD



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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