Hey! My Name’s Chris…

 Chris, I know, I’m great with nicknames.

Code Geass Image 0001

Anyway I’m new here! Yup that’s right, from now on you Angry Anime Bitch lover’s are going to be getting 100% more Chris and well… yeah that’s all you’re getting.

I guess I should tell you a bit more about myself? Not my life story or anything just, you know, a little anime back story. I guess I started watching anime when I was… 7? Shaman King. Good old Shaman King. That was my first anime in case you were wondering why I brought it up. Anyway I thought it was awesome and then when I was 10 I decided that I would marathon the entire Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series’, a mammoth task if there ever was one. I did it and now 5 years later I’m sat here talking about how awesome anime is. Great story, I know.

Hobbies eh? I guess I… read? Watch anime? Blog? I do a bit of creative writing in my spare time? And I guess I listen to music… Yeah that sounds about right!

So… introduction… guess I should talk about my favorite anime? Yeah I guess you’ll want to know that. Code Geass! How can you not love it? It’s clever, emotional and best of all it has awesome action scenes. The romance is so so (actually it’s non existent) and I would have liked to have seen more but that’s okay because I love it. Yes.

Favorite genre’s? Romance and fantasy. Romance anime usually have the best emotional story lines and how can you go wrong with a fantasy? I mean seriously you can make up whatever the hell you want and it can still be awesome!

Anyway I guess I should wrap up this introduction with some final words. It’s an honor to be a part of the Angry Anime Bitches team and I can’t wait to join in during the Spring Anime Season, it’s going to be awesome. That is all.


P.S  Thank you Eva for helping get this post up! You were a great help!


I'm just a normal guy, chillin' on the internet in search of a place that I can call my sacred hang. What more can I say?

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Hello Chris. Congratulations on joining. Been following the blog for probably over a year now (although I haven’t been posting comments lately), it is always nice to see new faces. Just curious what show you have planned to blog since last time I checked your name was not under any of the possible bloggers list. (I do understand the two anime you looked most forward to are taken…)

    • Chris says:

      Thank you! And I won’t be blogging officially on here until the Spring Anime Season in April BUT if you want to know what I MIGHT be blogging you can check out the Spring Anime 2013 Preview (on the right hand side of the page) where I’ve recently written out my interests, thanks again!


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