Hey! My Name’s Chris…


I'm just a normal guy, chillin' on the internet in search of a place that I can call my sacred hang. What more can I say?

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Hello Chris. Congratulations on joining. Been following the blog for probably over a year now (although I haven’t been posting comments lately), it is always nice to see new faces. Just curious what show you have planned to blog since last time I checked your name was not under any of the possible bloggers list. (I do understand the two anime you looked most forward to are taken…)

    • Chris says:

      Thank you! And I won’t be blogging officially on here until the Spring Anime Season in April BUT if you want to know what I MIGHT be blogging you can check out the Spring Anime 2013 Preview (on the right hand side of the page) where I’ve recently written out my interests, thanks again!


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