Dokidoki! Precure Episode 4

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Mana and Rikka find themselves having tea at Alice’s place despite knowing they desperately need to locate Lance. However Alice surprises them by showing that she had taken Lance in, and brought up the Precure subject after having seen it all on the Clover Tower’s security cameras. She also reveals that she too had received a Cure Lovies from the creepy stall guy.


I hope they continue this progression because I am loving it. Alice surprised me by backing up her reason for not becoming a Precure because she was a afraid of hurting others with its powers. She had already experienced the consequences of losing control when you have the abilities to deliver damage to another. (Seriously hands down, that was the best part. Alice did not just stand there and do nothing while Mana was crying. She fearlessly stood up for her and put those boys into place. How often do we see that? Typically, the characters under these circumstances would cower down. So kudos to Alice!!!)

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 4 Img 0026By rejecting the proposition the first time, it made Alice all more responsible and shown that she had put thought into this. We rarely see that now days and I appreciate that she had done that. It shows her  reflecting on her past experience. Eventually she did become a Precure (Cure Rosetta! Love the name! I was expecting Cure Clover or something!), but it was after she remembered what her grandfather had told her when Lance mentioned that becoming a Precure is meant to protect others. And so her resolve was to protect her friends.

The only thing they never clarified was why Alice wanted to be their producer and what kind of role she’d be playing as one. I can understand it as their back up and helping maintain their secrecy (which by far both Mana and Rikka have been miserably failing to do haha), but that would be about it.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 4 Img 0006Another fascinating twist: they addressed the matter being seen during their battles by the public/security cameras! Alice’s family is both powerful and extremely wealthy to the point they have access to greater technology and private services- even if it meant hacking. Alice and her butler Sebastian took care of all the security footage from Clover Tower that revealed the fight and Precures, as well as witness’ videos on the web. On top of that she is also incredibly perspective, but with the whole security camera thing- that would definitely explain how she caught onto Makoto being Precure Sword so quickly.

I have to say that Lance is probably going to be my favorite fairy of the four of them (if you include the one with Makoto). He is so laid back for most part, just chilling without worries and already made himself comfortable at Alice’s place. I found it amusing that while he was looking for his companions, he was almost hit by Alice’s car. I mean how often do you see that encounter?

Overall great episode, I enjoyed it from start to finish. I adore Precure Rosetta’s outfit, it’s so cute – it really suits Alice. The colors are considerably vibrant and warm in comparison to both Precure Heart’s/Diamond’s/Sword’s outfit. It’s too bad that they couldn’t apply it to everyone.

Next week the girls will go and confront Makoto! Will she be willing to join their team or stubbornly continue to work independently?



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