Dokidoki! Precure Episode 3

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The episode was very slow, not too much happened until the end. It mostly revolved around giving us more depth about Mana’s and Rikka’s relationship. We also learned that our mascots fairies have no idea how the Pure Lovies work and what they really are since they were just recently born into this world. It was Rikka was the one who shared her speculation that the more Pure Lovies they collect, the more they can do (power-ups and all), which is likely the case since that is how it always been besides the PRECURES IN A PINCH~ events.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 3 Img 0010I like Rikka’s character alot, mainly because she has that sense of realism such as: Be cautious of strangers (especially the ones that imply that they may very well be following your friend). Of course by the end of the episode (as expected) she became a Precure. But frankly, the trigger of reason to become a Precure was so anti-climax! I mean come on! Let be real here. If Mana had just shoved the letters into Rikka’s hands, or left it up to Rikka to pick up while she kicked the Selfish’s ass and purify it or whatever- it would have delayed Rikka’s debut as a Precure for something else that could have been not so underwhelming. I felt that Rikka deserved something better than that.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 3 Img 0023On top of that, I have mixed feelings about Rikka’s Precure Form. It’s not bad, but  I mean, it feels like it lacks originality. Her outfit is so-so and her Precure Hair color is incredibly dull and feels overused. I mean not every Precure has this color, but I find the shade is all too close and really doesn’t stand out as it’s own. It might just be me though because of my preference. Ah well, it’ll grow on me.

Last but not least, lets talk about this guy:

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You know what he reminds me of? A yellow gummie bear.

He is seriously creeping me out.
I don’t like this guy. I REALLY DON’T LIKE HIM. I don’t why, but I can’t help but be wary of him. There’s something about him that really turns me off. So as you can imagine, I appreciated Rikka for being defensive and cautious (THANK YOU GIRL). To be honest, I am half expecting his shop to disappear next episode and pop up in another location. Like Rikka said, this guy might be following Mana.

Next week we get to meet Alice and Lance will be partnered together (LOL Lance was asleep and forgotten the entire episode)! She claims that she doesn’t want to become a Precure (hurray another girl who isn’t in a rush to become one) but that claim isn’t going to last now is it?


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  1. Ayano says:

    Now that I have watched the episode with subs, it wasn’t as underwhelming as I first thought. I really like Rikka’s character, she is a good partner for Mana.
    I wish we got to see a little bit more of Cure Diamond fighting. But I suppose there are plenty more episodes for that. :)
    I am liking for a change how the girls are a little bit unsure about becoming Precure, even afterwards too.

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