Cuticle Detective Inaba Episode 5 – The Hot Spring Truce


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2 Responses

  1. BNV says:

    Holy s*^%?? Yes…! XD
    I was wondering if anyone WOULD blog this anime, and I found one! I just discovered this website, so I apologize for my abruptness.
    This anime is interesting but of course funny. XD I like that it isn’t dirty, gross and outrageously absurd like Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. I mean, the most shocking value for this anime was one episode when Glabriella shot Valentino and blood spills out. (Ha)
    My favorite characters have to be Inaba, the silent megane guy (meganes are my fetishes… oh the irony),Valentino, Gabriella, and Lorenzo. Lorenzo is an awesome name! XD Thanks for your posts! I’m happy to see some under-dogs shows like this peak people’s interests. :)

    Highlights for me:
    the ping pong match (Hell to the yes the tsukkomi role actually worked!)
    Gabriella and purple hair girl’s girl talk
    Purple girl unbeknownst that Valentino was right there in front of her.
    this image XD

    • Kaitou says:

      Glad you found a place to read about it~ I almost gave up on this show at the beginning, but once they got to the part where Hiroshi was eating a hair cupcake, I was somehow drawn in. The ping pong match FINISHING BLOW! with “your existence is a joke” really tied it up well. XD

      I fall under the megane fetish group too. =w=

      ^underdog show, I see what you did there, ahahaha.

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