AMNESIA Episode 8: The Shadow of Death


My name is Eva, I’ve been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005.
I am a passionate writer, so it’s a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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6 Responses

  1. Nagisayuu says:

    OMG as someone who couldn’t have grasped without playing the whole game, I must say kudos to your observation and analytical skills. You got it 70% right…

  2. Noc says:

    Hmmn, yes, I’m not sure about them being in a relationship either…and if we’re still guessing on ways that Toma will end up being crazy then I thiiink…he seems like the kind of character…who might imprison the girl in his/her apartment “for her own safety” upon finding out that there are people out to kill her…or something to that effect =/ kind of like “I’ll protect you to even if you don’t want me to because you don’t know what’s best!”
    There were just some odd moments with him in this episode, so I can’t let my suspicions rest just yet…

    On the Ukyou side of things, it was interesting seeing her meet with the crazy version for once. Like you say, there’s definitely something special about him to be able to tell what’s going on with her. I’m pretty excited for the reveal on this one.

    And the locked diary!! I’m sure it’ll become important soon…with no key I’d just get a pair of metal cutters haha, but with her memory loss that might not occur to her, and she probably wouldn’t have the strength to use them >.<

  3. Ayano says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh, this show really knows how to have me on the edge of my seat!

  4. lilgamergal says:

    If u do some research on toms you’ll find out why he is yandere (if u wanna know tell me I dont wanna give spoilers) also ukyo again -epic smile- he may be possessed or he may~ have a duo personality~ (ash im so tempted to write down but I can’t x.x) but I love toms alot for a reason (^_^) loyalty and kindness

  5. ramblinkat says:


    Okay okay, lets start with the crazy cult girls since they’re super scary in this route, its like they’re trying to kill her now? Atleast that flower pot would’ve caused a serious injury at any rate, and oh god Ukyou I wanna like you since I bet you’re actually a nice guy and all but you TERRIFIED me this time it was almost like a preview of a game over lol, I agree his voice is stupidly good haha

    And ooooooh deeeeear Toma Toma Toma. You know I was looking forward to you since you seem like such a sincere guy… But theres no way I could ignore those creepy vibes at times, I’d say he was lieing about being her boyfriend, since really if she were to ask that in the first place then surely you’d question further as to why you forgot, which leads to him knowing she’s lost her memory (I tell you, these boys are getting smarter) and sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if he locks her in the apartment to protect her and goes down the yandere route tbh since that damn cage has been referenced again and he is quite blatently over protective. Though to be fair to him, the girls are serioussly cray cray (They are atleast trying to torture mc for crying out loud, who would’nt be protective from that?) and besides the creepy moments he has been what I wanted from this route as a caring childhood friend who loves her and all that fluffy stuff, I basically ‘aww-ed’ at the childhood photo scene, it was so cute and sweet! So call me boring but I’m still hoping he doesn’t turn into a creepy yandere for those reasons, or if he does then maybe later he’ll realise what a stupid head he’s being, regrets and apologise? I can hope right lol Don’t let me down Toma!

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