AMNESIA Episode 6: The Warning and Answers

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AMNESIA Ep 6 Img 0026The pieces for Ikki’s puzzle have all finally come together. The only part that we’re missing is the scissors scene. As I suspected, Ikki doesn’t like the attention he gets from the girls and has grown increasingly frustrated he had never been able to have a serious relationship until now- with the Heroine. He cleared the rumor of him dumping the girls but pointing out that they are the ones who leave him after 3 months of so-called dating. But we quickly learned after that it’s a rule within the fan club so that they can all have turns with him (how dumb is that?). It also turns out that the heroine didn’t like Ikki and had misjudged him in the beginning (way before her amnesia took place), but she entered the club because she wanted to find out about something. This leads to the second rule of the fan club: The girl dating Ikki must submit a daily report. Unbelievable! Can you imagine how Ikki would react if he were to learn about that? He would probably be SUPER PISSED OFF.

AMNESIA Ep 6 Img 0022I feel bad for Ikki because he genuinely believes that it’s his fault for making a wish upon a shooting star to be popular with girls. Well I wouldn’t put it past me since we have been experiencing quite some magical and out of this world events! Remember kids, be careful what you wish for!

I found his confession and kiss with the Heroine was much sweeter and not to mention, quite romantic in comparison to Shin’s. Ikki really grew on me this episode and I grasp the reason why fans like his route in the game. Ikki is a sweetheart, a gentleman, and he never forces himself on our dear Heroine (unlike some others… /side glance). He is very considerate, he tries to ensure that the Heroine will not be picked on by the girls and goes out of his way to disguise himself (holy shit that mask today scared me! I actually shouted, “HOLY SHIT!!!”).

AMNESIA Ep 6 Img 0006On to Ukyou! <3 Oh gosh I was so thrilled to see that my theory of Ukyou being the one person who will not change as the Heroine jumps into different routes. He warned her about how she should be careful not to make enemies. But oh god, now I am curious!!! Is he human? How/Why does he know about the jumps— actually that isn’t the right question: How is he able to stay the same, and how/why does he have the memories of the previous routes?

There’s three ways this can go her drowning will either trigger the jump or she will get herself out of the water herself/saved by someone (if anyone, it is probably going to be Ikki- but I’m not going to push aside the possibly Waka being the one to save her). I find it relatively strange how calm the heroine is and how she not even making any attempts (at the moment) to swim/scrabble back to the surface… unless she doesn’t know how to swim. There’s also the logical suggestion where as her clothes are simply too heavy for her to make any attempts, but it’s almost all too rare to see logical reasons appear within Animes.
But thinking back, Episode 1- remember as I pointed out two weeks ago?

“As I was writing this i realized that there’s possibility the same thing has been hinted or we had unknowingly already partially experienced Ikki’s route.”

I remembered and doubled check that the Heroine had in fact had a memory of her drowning in the water in episode 1. That memory occurred just before she passed out in the cafe so we might actually see a small time jump from the trip back to the cafe.

With that said, there’s also that fire which I completely forgot about (and failed to bring up) until I had went back to double-check. It’s clear that the building on fire is definitely another one of the  Simultaneous Alternate Dimensions events- for which route? I don’t know. I am going with the speculation perhaps the location of the fire is at Shinano because we see the clear night sky.

But you know what’s really interesting? I think Shinao is actually the main trigger zone. Why? By far, everything we have seen- something bad/big happens there and the Heroine will either wake up in the hospital or experience that flashback (as pointed in the above) with a small time skip from that point. It pulls the trigger and sets things into motion and eventually something will come around, putting the Heroine in danger/potentially life threatening situation. We seen that when she had collapsed at her home while being confronted by the girls triggered the jump to Shin’s route. While she was on Shin’s route, almost getting hit by a car made her jump to Ikki’s route. I have my doubts that we will see her collapsing at her home while being confronted again because we have already seen that. So maybe it will be the scissors scene that will force the jump (since we know that there will be punished if she doesn’t submit the daily reports ASAP).




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3 Responses

  1. Hee7 says:

    I can’t remember if you mentioned it in this review, but how happy can I say that you love Orion too? So happy! Favorite character bar none, not even close to annoying like most sidekick/helper/mascot characters falsfhfkhelifhlsfh!!!! Though it’s character growth for Heroine to be on her own, whenever he’s gone I miss him so much! \( ; ^ ; )/

    Anyways, enjoying all the speculation. That’s my favorite part of this anime, all the mystery and SciFi and wtf and maaaan is that rare in Otome adaptations. I dislike anime where everyone is just soooo in love with the heroine, but in this case it’s totally plausible since alternate realities.

    Best parts of this ep were seeing a sort of vindictive side to the Heroine (sounds like she joined the fan club originally for not-so-innocent reasons) and Ikki’s reveal as a kind of messed-up lonely person who wants to be in a genuine relationship.

    Honorable mentions to hearing Orion’s adorable voice and Ukkyo’s mild but ominous warning.

    • Eva says:

      XD I didn’t mention Orion this week, but yes I do love him <3 *Highfives* Speculations is always the best part! :3
      It's really too bad that there aren't more otome adaptions like this one because it's actually interesting and it expands to a wider audience. Best of all- NO SPARKLES and they aren't ditching out the romance. I think that because of the way the story is makes this anime adaption work out so well because they are able to expand and touch each route without making the Heroine wishy washy about her feelings.

      But most importantly, kudos to Brains Base and the staff working on this project. They are doing a magnificent job so far, I hope they continue strong till the very end!

  2. LilGamerGirl says:

    i hope this has a second season ;_; im in love with this anime \(^3^)/ also im interested in the mystery & and those moment you dont know what going on just make ya more curious~ (I wuv Shin~ and Toma~ and yes i know about Toma~)if the heroine dont get saved from drowning i guess its kent up next (^o^)/))

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