Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14: Fate of the World

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14 -  (42)

“Meaning, the fate of the world has somehow ended up in Yoshino’s hands.” – Mahiro


A few months after the great confrontation of the Tree of Genesis and the Tree of Exodus whereas parts of the world had been eaten up by the Tree of Genesis as a sacrifice. Hakaze managed to seal the Tree of Exodus and was able to stop the Tree of Genesis before the whole world goes into crumble.

Now that Hakaze is being drawn to Yoshino because of her heartfelt feelings, Samon and the others are now suspecting Yoshino as the Mage of Exodus and trying to use Hakaze in order to make his plan successful.


Whoa! And suddenly, the most epic tense-full series of events had come into a short break and we have come into an episode where it was almost peaceful. Well, that is, until the Mage of Exodus actually appeared in front of Yoshino and Hakaze on their small trip and introduced himself without knowing who is in front of him and that lead to a little burger trip and sparring with the Mage of Genesis whom he later finds out it to be. LOL To think that this guy – who was left (and probably ignored) by his girlfriend, weak and can’t even stand to see someone getting hurt in front of him – is the Mage of Exodus and is trying to save the world as rumored on the internet. True that he’s pretty much weak but this still doesn’t ignore the fact that he can use such magic that can repel Hakaze’s magic and that he holds the potential to actually save the world.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14 -  (34)

Hakaze and Hanemura’s first encounter was pretty much very funny. It might have been the connection of both parties (reason enough, actually) that Hakaze was able to pull that stunt immediately after seeing him. I can’t really blame Hakaze on this part since it might have been normal for both Mages of both Trees to be always against each other and be uneasy when on each other’s side. XD Still, I can’t believe that both of them really introduced themselves and their identity as Mages in front of each other just like that. Yet another awesome character from both of the Mages we have. XD

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14 -  (32)

By the way, I would like to express how awesome the new opening song is and how cool the opening sequence for it as well. I believe it gave me spoilers enough to make me excited for the next episodes of this series but it was quite a low spoiler that triggered much curiosity on me. Also, I would like to mention how episode 13 was very helpful on summarizing everything up until now since I as seriously planning on re-watching the 12 episodes before. LOL

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14 -  (31)

You don’t get to see Hakaze like this often.

No, not only the Mage of Exodus was the thing that intrigued me in this episode but also – how the episode shown a few good qualities of the Mage of Genesis, Hakaze, which the series has failed to deliver to us during the first half of the story. Sure, she was introduced to be the strongest Mage on their clan and that she is basically the Princess that is most love by the logic of the world and that she can almost do anything as she truly desires it. But the more I think about how Hakaze looked like in my mind, she was the too-perfect-princess of the Kusaribe Clan. Not that I don’t like it but there must be something more about Hakaze and those things were shown on this episode. And you know what? Something escalated too quickly and I don’t think I can blame Hakaze for it since Samon really did a good explanation about everything that happened to Hakaze and how it affected her feelings towards Yoshino. In my own opinion, I believe that Hakaze and Yoshino is not a bad couple at all. I personally have this hate feeling towards Aika (where at first I kind of like her but then – yeah) with a reason that my fingers couldn’t get a hold of. And seeing Hakaze’s other sides of character – like blushing and being discomforted by the power of the Tree of Genesis on her side – was seriously cute and good to the eyes.

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I just wanted to say how hot Samon actually looks like when his hair is tied into a ponytail and with casual clothing on and how his girly looks actually makes him more hotter every time I see him on screen.

Then we might have to discuss what happened to Mahiro (Okay, did I do the arrangement the other way around or what? Meh).  Samon’s theory is actually good and to see things as they are now, I might have agreed to him if I wasn’t a viewer of this series. Thinking that Yoshino might be a possible Mage of Exodus can clearly be seen right after stating a few facts. But what bothered me the most is that: why did Samon said something about Yoshino being out of the Tree of Genesis’ web? I mean, that could have been true if Yoshino really is the Mage of Exodus but since we can see clearly that he is not. As Samon said that the only person who could have saved Hakaze was Mahiro – which is already enough, to even get Yoshino involved and then being Hakaze’s love interest later on was pretty much weird. If Yoshino really is out of the Genesis’ web, then why (since he is not the Mafe of Exodus)? If he isn’t out of the Genesis’ web of logic then why did he needed to enter the scene? If the second question was actually the fact, I can only conclude that the Tree of Genesis plans on seriously making Hakaze fall on Yoshino. Well, that’s the only solution I could think of. HAHA Still, this theory about Yoshino being the Mage of Exodus didn’t stop Mahiro on his initial motive about everything that is happening. He still plans to find Aika’s killer and also – maybe – find out who is Aika’s boyfriend and *phew* this boyfriend thing sure is dragging long but I kind of like it. LOL

Samon is pretty much confident about his theory concerning Yoshino but then it didn’t even lasted for more than one episode since the Yoshino party contacted them that they have met the Mage of Exodus and is really willing to talk to them and probably (see next episode preview) a small training with Mahiro. XD

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14 -  (51)

BEHOLD THE POWER OF ONE WHO CONTROLS THE LOGIC OF THE WORLD AND WHICH SIDES WITH HAKAZE. LOL Still, this line is funny and how she actually said it in that tone.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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