Robotics; Notes Episode 12: The Fear of Robots

Robotics Notes Episode 12 -  (49)

“Robots are human’s friend.” – Doc


Ignoring what Misa said before, Kai still decided to find out the remaining reports of Kimijima Kou and at the same time, help with Jun and her relationship with robots and her grandfather, Doc who happens to have been hospitalized.

Jun decided to quit the Robotics Club because of her fear with robots and with her uneasiness towards her grandfather but Aki and Kai has their own different ways to comfort each of them not only as a member of the Robotics Club and those who have helped with them so far but as their friend.


What do we have here? An episode which actually took a break from the Kimijima mystery and other mysteries hidden in this series and the building of giant robots and focused on one of the members of the Robotics club, Jun and her grandfather. No, I didn’t cry – since this was one of those usually trauma about one thing they once liked or loved that changed their view in life and in things – but seriously, I can’t believe I still had watery eyes watching it even though it is a mainstream in anime and manga nowadays. Still, we can’t deny the fact that this episode focused on another character aside from the main ones – which is something really good.

Robotics Notes Episode 12 -  (30)Jun mentioned before that she’s not really fond of robots and she seems pretty scared about discussing things concerning them. Now that we had the chance to actually know what happened, we get to understand both Jun and Doc a little more. It is seems our granddaughter and grandfather have a little self-quarrel concerning robots – not that it looks kind of bad. Jun, suffering from a trauma of being bullied by a robot during her childhood and Doc of creating such a thing that would scare his precious granddaughter that must have haunted her for years. Although this kind of plot is quite common, it still doesn’t fail to touch your heart. The separation of these two even though they wanted to have a better relationship than they are currently having is pretty painful for a family member. But I find Jun’s trauma a little too over to the top. XD

You see, no matter how traumatized you were back then, when you were a child, I would understand that you would hate robots but to think you would actually be scared of robots after being alive in the world for almost fifteen years, it is quite pretty weird. You must have understood already that what happened when you were just little was because of an accident and that there must have been something wrong with the machine in question. Jun is not a kid anymore but she’s still scared of those robots like some kind of a child. Even if we were to compare her to a kid, they would even be felt challenged because of what have happened. Sure, Jun’s character is the very timid person we do see her but that doesn’t mean you also need to keep you childish mind and carry that stupid trauma that you had since you were a kid. It would have been better if Jun only had been avoiding robots instead of being SCARED of them.

Robotics Notes Episode 12 -  (38)

Still, the grandfather-granddaughter scene was touching enough. That’s a given. I did not cry – it only gave water to my eyes. XD

PS: New opening song rocks too. :3


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