Psycho-Pass Episode 13: Invitation from the Abyss


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. durden says:

    If Akane ends up being criminally asymptomantic, this show will end up being a little like Dollhouse. Maybe Shogo will show some interest in Akane if he catches wind on omg Akane’s amazing healing invulnerable psycho-pass.

    And yes, the ending was very WTF. At first, I was half-expecting Shogo to sitting in front of the Ministry of Welfare lady but then I forgot that this was THE FUTURE. (I wish I had a mental mouse) I agree that she might be his estranged mother and I also think that Shogo is probably a fake name and he might be a government experiment gone horribly wrong.

    One more thing: memory scoop? How very Fringe of them. Not as sexy as being in a deprivation bucket in your skivvies but effective. Fringe, Dollhouse. I’m guessing Gen Urobuchi watches a lot of FOX.

    • Vantage says:

      For a fairly slow episode the ending was definitely a jolt. Your idea of Makishima being a govt experiment gone wrong is very interesting – I’m sure the govt in a dystopian society like that has to be conducting some underground experiments, and perhaps Makishima might have been a failure of a test subject.

      Whatever Urobuchi Gen is watching, he should be encouraged to watch more of it if he produces stuff like this xD Suisei no Gargantia next season, anyone?

  2. Tenderfoot says:

    Aw man, someone beat me to it; I was going to say that I think that Akane could be criminally asymptomatic too. I would totally buy it if it turned out that she could kill people without it effecting her hue. We’ve already seen that she recovers quickly from even the most psychologically damaging situations. She and Makishima seem to be very similar to each other, like if something different had happened in their lives their roles could have been reversed. I’m also thinking that Akane and the rest of them might soon become targets for government disposal (SSY style haha), if they keep questioning how well (or not well) the system is working.

    As for Suisei no Gargantia, I’ve got my eye on it. It looks really happy and colorful, which is…different? Although, the same could be said for Madoka, and we all know how that turned out.

    • Vantage says:

      Maybe Makishima’s interest will extend to investigating Akane too, if when they next meet he sees that she’s perfectly fine. Though I don’t know whether I’d prefer that over extending the animosity between Shinya and Makishima.

      I can actually see the government trying to dispose them for continually doubting Sibyl’s judgement, as the cost to society would be greater than the cost the govt incurs by losing the CID. Gino might end up telling the rest of them in order to save their lives.

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