OreShura Ep 2: Popularity Stradegy

OreShura Ep 2 Img0008Masuzu invites Chiwa to her club to help her achieve her goals of becoming popular.


Half way into the episode, and I can already see Masuzu’s plan backfiring against Chiwa. The moment they set their plan into action- oh god it was so awkward. While the plan of charming the crowd with the guitar case did work, but we don’t know what the aftermath results are after Chiwa buckled under the pressure and started acting out of control. I was actually worried she was going to drop the guitar case and it’s going to fall open.

Chiwa had gotten into an accident where severely injured her lower back that required a lot of major surgery and rehabilitation therapy. While fortunately she was able to accomplish her rehab so that her injury doesn’t affect her daily life, she can no longer take part in sports anymore. With her Kendo Goals now down the drain, she is now is pouring all that passion into a new goal: Being the most Popular Student in school.

Masuzu is pretty cruel. I don’t particularly like her character right now. She is really nasty, especially with the way she is leading Chiwa on about the popularity strategy. I don’t care whether she’s jealous (not to mention extremely possessive), it’s not a good excuse for her actions.
I don’t know whether she will ‘soften’ up towards Chiwa after hearing the reason why the girl is so devoted to her goals. Honestly speaking: I doubt it.

Overall, I found this episode to be quite boring. I do find it rather refreshing that Chiwa isn’t visibly showing jealousy nor is she being clingy. We did some some brief hints from time to time that she is a bit upset about Eita and Masuzu being in a relationship. But it’s pretty vague.

I am still iffy about whether this is a show I would enjoy covering. I am starting to feel more doubtful so I will give this one more episode to appeal to me. If it doesn’t, then I won’t write an entry.


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