Kotoura-san Ep 3: Sacrificing Happiness

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After having overheard Manabe’s confession, Kotoura is very flustered and isn’t sure how to cope with it. Mifune suggests she makes Manabe a homemade lunch since all he eats is bread and convenience store meals. Despite being embarrassed about the idea, Kotoura manages to muster up her courage to do so. In the mean time, Moritani decides to seek revenge against Manabe and have some of the men from her family’s dojo to beat him up.


Kotoura-san Ep 3 Img 0033Wow that was so unexpected. This show keeps on surprising me. Kotoura didn’t want to drag anyone else, especially Manabe into her ‘messy life’ and she doesn’t want  anyone to get hurt because they are involved with her. She went as far as disappearing, from no longer attending school to moving out. It makes me so sad because Kotoura is not used to people willingly doing what Manabe has been doing for her. Manabe wanted to protect her, he cares about her and he isn’t afraid of getting hurt as long as Kotoura is safe. On top of that Manabe is the first outsider to accept who she is and love her for being her.

With the sudden twist, for the love of god- Mifune please stop what your doing and start being genuine. I want you to be Kotoura’s friend without any hidden motives. It’s not fair to Kotoura who is finally opening up and having faith in others.

Kotoura-san Ep 3 Img 0024Moritani…. dis bitch.
She is still hasn’t let go yet, well not that I expected her to- but man she crossed the line this episode. When she first brought it up, I was like, “OH NO, YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH KOTOURA.” Thankfully instead of aiming at Kotoura, she had targeted Manabe- but even that- WOW. She is a jealous bitch to the core (and really? Beating up the guy you like?). This isn’t her friends pushing her, this is her own plot. She went as far as getting Manabe beaten up by the guys from her dojo by claiming he is a stalker. Holy shit. She needs to go down and fast- let the karma bite her big time. Just… how dare she!! And you know what, it makes me very upset that Kotoura is putting the blame of people getting hurt because they are around her instead of being mad at Moritani. It’s truly amazing that Kotoura has such a good heart even after all the crap she has been through. But because she has always been blamed by others, it is very difficult for her to overcome to automatically blaming herself.

Kotoura-san Ep 3 Img 0025Manabe keeps on surprising us. He isn’t a wimp, and he managed to hold his own ground against the dojo men and also managed to get them bruised up a bit. Seriously he is such a sweetheart, I dare say this early on that he is the male lead of the year. I mean come on, how often do we see this kind of genuine to the core, male lead? And he doesn’t let things drag on. He makes it very clear that he likes Kotoura and he isn’t afraid to hide it. I mean- he got annoyed at the class and complained that they forgot to add hearts with Manabe and Kotoura sharing an umbrella symbol. It was ridiculously cute how he went and drew a whole bunch himself.

Overall this was again, a strong episode with an unexpected twist. I love how this show keeps on surprising me, and I sure hope that they will be able to locate Kotoura by or before the end of next week’s episode.


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